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Inside One of Hollywood’s Infamous Couples Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s Philanthropic Efforts

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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are one Hollywood couple who has garnered success in the years of their career. The couple also makes concerted efforts for their society.

While Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are superstars in the movie industry, the pair also have an honorable title outside Hollywood. Reynolds and Lively are a power couple who understands the need to give.

While they keep attaining milestones in their thriving careers, they both never forget to give back to society. The pair have joined forces several times for philanthropy. Here’s a look through some of their impactful efforts. 

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Reynolds and Lively’s Effort Amid The First Wave Of The Pandemic

Last year, the couple took to social media where they opened up about pulling efforts to donate money for feeding. The actors relayed that they gave a whopping sum of $1 million to two organizations.

This was in a bid to provide food for older adults and low-income earning families. The money was said to be divided between FOOD BANK CANADA and FEEDING AMERICA. 

The “Proposal” star and his wife also left thoughtful messages reminding the public of the need to show affection and donate as much as they could. They also stressed the importance of social distancing and encouraged people to connect with loved ones via digital means. 

The couple’s kind act was repeated after a few months when they donated $500,000 to two COVID-19 relief effort organizations. 

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They Donated To A Group For Indigenous Youth

Early this year, the stellar couple was in the news after they reached out to the indigenous youth in Canada. They donated $250,000 to a group that mentors the indigenous youth. 

This was to make provision for influence mentoring where youth in their post-secondary level can meet mentors in their chosen fields. These mentors provide them with knowledge on how to go about their careers. 

Back in 2019, the parents of three were in the news for their efforts on immigrant children. The pair were said to have made two separate donations of $1 million each to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and to the Young Center For Immigrant Children’s Rights. 

The latter was to use the donation to establish the Waymaker Fund For Immigrant Children. This aims to increase protection. The NAACP LDF was to help foster racial and social justice. 

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The Couple Pulled Efforts For Haiti

In August the “Gossip Girl” actress and “Deadpool” actor made donations for earthquake relief in Haiti. A spokesman for the duo noted that they donated $10,000 each to four organizations on relief items. 

Lively and Reynolds received warm words from Hope For Haiti on social media. The message also showed that the money donated will empower relief workers to do their jobs more efficiently. 

The four charity organizations the couple reached out to include, Haiti Air Ambulance, Hope For Haiti, Airlink, and FOLAK/Ayiti Demen. And they all showed gratitude for the celebrity couple’s philanthropy. 

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