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Georgette Falcone Is an Actress to Watch For: All We Know About the Child Star

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Talent begets talent. Just look at Melissa McCarthy’s daughter, Georgette Falcone. 

Georgette is one of Melissa McCarthy’s daughters. McCarthy is an American media personality and comedian who shares Georgette with her husband, Ben Falcone. 

Georgette is in her early teens but has been in the spotlight for some time. First as the daughter of two famous faces in American showbiz, then as a child actress with prospects. She is popularly known for her roles in “The Boss” and “Thunder Force.”

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It is worth noting that her participation both times was because her parents directed those movies. However, it is unclear what career path Georgette will ultimately take when she gets older. Kids change their minds, but her parents will support her in whatever she decides. 

Melissa McCarthy with her family
Melissa McCarthy, Ben, and their two daughters (Source: Pinterest)

What We Know About Georgette Falcone, Melissa McCarthy’s Daughter 

Georgette Falcone was born on February 11, 2010, three years after her sister, Vivian. The young actress, also known as Georgie, is still relatively young, but her mom says she is a daredevil. 

McCarthy truly believes this so much that when her girl clocked 10, the devoted mother bought her a stunt vest as a gift. The actress explained why she gifted her the vest while appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

She said:

“I got her a Hong Kong harness. It’s what you use. You wear a stunt harness if you’re being jerked up or in a fight scene. Or if you’re in an explosion in a movie, it’ll pull you back. And that’s all she wanted.” 

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Georgette is always trying to do stunts, flip around and replicate things she sees her mom doing. Knowing this, McCarthy bought the harness so little Georgie could have fun in a safe environment. Aside from performing stunts, Georgette also enjoys playing the violin. 

The doting mother confessed to Ellen that she would often tease Georgette about it as she was not great at playing yet. She said: “Sometimes I’m like, ‘Are you on the string or are you on the wood?’ Because she’s just learning. It’s not an easy instrument to learn.”

So will it be an actress, stunt woman, or violinist? The little star hasn’t decided. However, when she does, her parents are ready to support her no matter what she wants to do. 

Melissa on a stroll with Georgette and Vivian
Melissa McCarthy outdoors with her girls (Source: Pinterest)

Georgette Falcone’s Sister, Vivian

 Georgette is McCarthy and Ben’s second child. Their first, Vivian, was born on May 5, 2007. Like Georgette, she has expressed much interest in acting and was featured in McCarthy’s 2016 film “The Boss.” 

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According to the actress, Vivian was only too happy to play the small role because she and Georgette had to ask for months to be given a chance. McCarthy once said: “They kept asking, and we said no for months, and [then] my oldest said, ‘Am I not allowed even to try?'” 

The statement melted any resistance McCarthy or Ben had. They spent a month testing Vivian to see if she had the grit. She did. 

When Vivian’s sibling learned she would appear in the film, she begged her mom to give her the same privilege. How could she say no? Outside acting, Vivian also loves interior design, just like her mother. 

Inside Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone’s Long-Lasting Relationship 

McCarthy first met Ben while they were in school. He was in high school, and she was a freshman in college. 

However, nothing blossomed between them until 1998, when they enrolled in the same comedy class at The Groundlings, an improv theater in L.A. He caught her eye after he performed a skit about an inmate who “Really liked his new roommate.” She thought he was a bit strange and they became friends after the first class. 

Melissa and Ben walking side by side
Melissa McCarthy pictured outdoors with Ben (Source: Pinterest)

Their relationship quickly morphed into more, and they dated for years before finally tying the knot on October 8, 2005. The wedding was private, but the pair was kind enough to share pictures from the day after. The couple have been together for nearly two decades but are still going strong while raising their two beautiful kids.

McCarthy and Ben are not the only celebrity parents with child stars. But, like most parents, they will guide their kids on the right paths and let them make their choices.

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