Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Why Are People Running From the Police Force Despite a Six-Figure Salary?

Why Are People Running From the Police Force Despite a Six-Figure Salary?
Source: Pinterest

Why Are People Running From the Police Force Despite a Six-Figure Salary?

Source: Pinterest

The police force has upped its game, offering a whopping six-figure entry-level salary. However, people aren’t jumping at this offer as much as the government thought they would. Why?

The Problem 

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Resignations and retirements are at an all-time high around the country. Therefore, police forces all around the country are finding it hard to keep their units fully staffed.

Fewer officers are on duty, making it difficult for them to manage their workload sufficiently. They are overworked and overwhelmed and desperate for new recruits to join them and lighten the burden.

What Happened to the American Dream of Being a Police Officer?

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Hundreds of people used to dream about joining the police force years ago. However, this number has reduced significantly for many reasons. According to the acting chief of police in Ithaca, New York, Ted Schwartz, this is different from how things were some time ago. 

He said, “Twenty years ago, we would have hundreds of people knocking down our door to be police officers. That’s not true in our society anymore.”

Why Don’t People Want to Work as Cops?

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There are many reasons why people no longer want to work as cops. First, it’s a life-threatening position and can be very challenging to do effectively. 

Second, some people do not have faith in the current task force. Therefore, there is no appeal to joining a system that they believe no longer works effectively. People also have other reasons that come from personal experiences.

Why Do People Have Less Faith in the Police System? 

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Historically, most people had a lot of zeal to join the police force. Even with the dangerous nature, people gladly put their lives on the line to serve their country. 

However, things are a lot different now. Especially since the popular George Floyd murder in 2020, people have lost faith in the police system. Now, millions of Americans view the police force as corrupt and unjust, unlike before.

Police Are Finding It Hard to Recruit and Retain

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The police are struggling to recruit more people and retain the ones they have on the ground. Their numbers keep dwindling with each passing year. 

According to the Police Executive Research Forum, U.S. police departments had 4.8% fewer staff in 2023 than in 2020. The 182 departments they surveyed reported only 79,464 sworn officers in 2023, compared to the 83,497 they had on staff in 2020.

Cities Offering Increased Benefits to Encourage Cops

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A reduction in the number of police officers available to fight crime is clearly not a good thing. Therefore, different cities are tackling this problem using various tactics. 

Cities like San Francisco, Ithaca, and Dallas are front runners in trying to alleviate this problem. Therefore, they are offering increased benefits to people who sign up for the police academies.

How Much Do Rookie Cops Make?

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Those who make it past the police academy will definitely make more money than the average American. A rookie cop would immediately be making five figures in a year. In Charlotte, Chicago, New York City, and Philadelphia, a rookie cop makes an estimated $57,000 to $67,000. 

The prices are higher in places like Dallas, San Diego, or Los Angeles. Rookies can earn up to $70,000 and $90,000 there.

San Francisco Ups Their Pay to Six Figures

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As San Francisco tries to battle its lack of cops, authorities have increased rookie pay to a whopping six-figure level. As of 2023, the entry-level salary for an average cop is $112,398.  

They were among the first to do this, as they desperately needed new officers. Moreover, San Francisco’s living costs are so high that its residents need all the protection they can get.

Other Cities Are Following San Francisco’s Lead

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Several cities in need of more new recruits are following San Francisco’s lead and offering benefits and incentives. Although none of them pay as much as San Francisco, they have increased their pay significantly. 

For example, Arcata, California, is providing a $50,000 bonus to new hires. Ithaca is also offering a $20,000 bonus to rookie cops. In Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis is offering any police officer who moves there a $5,000 gift.

Everyone Is Hiring!

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Most cities across the country are seriously hiring new recruits. Even as some of them cannot afford to give incentives, they are still trying to get more new recruits. 

They are using many different alternatives, such as podcasts, billboards, YouTube videos, and social media, to try to attract new people. Furthermore, older cops are trying to reach out to people who may be interested in the service.

Is Money the Answer?

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While the increased bonuses and incentives are really good, are they the answer to the problem? Some people think otherwise. Barry Donelan, the head of the police union in Oakland, California, said, “They’re just throwing money at the problem … they become mercenaries. You think that officer really wants to put roots down?”

The executive director of the Police Executive Research Forum, Chuck Wexler, also said, “These bonuses sound more like sports teams than a civil service position. I’ve never seen anything like it. It feels like desperation.”

The Solution to the Problem Might Be Easier Than They Think

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Many veteran officers believe that increasing cops’ salaries is not the solution to this problem. Instead, they believe the police force needs good cops who will truly serve.

They believe cops who want to be in the system will stay regardless of the pay and carry out their duties effectively. Only time will tell if the money method will help, as the police hope to have a better 2024.