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Leaked Audio of Ohio Police Raid That Left a Baby Injured Sparks Outrage

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Police Argue That Choked Victim “Caused His Own Death”
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The mayor of Elyria, Ohio, has initiated an investigation in response to a woman’s claim that police officers who executed a raid on her home had the wrong address. The woman claims that the use of flash-bang devices during the raid caused burns, resulting in the hospitalization of her 1-year-old child.

There appears to be a conflicting account of the incident, with the police providing a statement asserting that they executed a search warrant at the correct address. According to the police statement, the child did not “sustain any apparent, visible injuries.”

Courtney Price, the woman involved, asserts that audio from her Ring camera contradicts the police statement. NBC News shared an exclusive clip featuring a voice saying, “It’s the wrong house.”

Elyria Mayor Kevin A. Brubaker has characterized the incident as “serious and disturbing.” In response, he announced a comprehensive review of the incident. Mayor Brubaker took a step further by releasing body camera footage from the incident.

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According to a news release, the Police Department obtained a court-authorized search warrant. This was for a residence in the 300 block of Parmely Avenue. Authorities took this action as part of a criminal investigation.

The release of several body camera videos revealed that police officers waited only approximately six seconds between pounding on the door. They also instructed the occupants to “come to the door” the moment they forcibly entered the residence using a battering ram while simultaneously deploying flash bangs.

The police incident report about the raid stated that officers allowed a “reasonable amount of time to answer the door.” According to the incident report, only “after or near” 10 seconds did a sergeant provide orders to breach the door.

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This account contradicts the timeline depicted in the body camera videos, where officers waited only about six seconds before forcibly entering. Courtney Price, a single mother who had recently moved from Kentucky to Elyria just a week before the raid, was at home with her baby, Waylon.

Price recounted hearing “the loudest knock I’ve ever heard in my life” at 2:12 p.m. and began walking toward the door. Within less than 15 seconds, as she headed downstairs, officers forcefully broke down the door, deployed flash bangs, and entered the residence with guns pointed at her.

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Frozen at the top of the steps, she expressed fear, repeatedly stating, “I’m scared. My baby’s in here; he’s on a ventilator.” When she descended the steps, she was placed in handcuffs.

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Waylon, who was born prematurely and suffers from pulmonary hypertension, a severe lung disease, and an atrial septal defect, a hole in the heart, was in his swing on the floor by the window. Glass ended up on him when the windows blew out, according to Price. The police escorted her outside and later brought her back in to check on the baby, she explained.

The bodycam video captures Price informing police and paramedics that the baby mainly appeared fine, but she expressed concerns about his breathing. She stated, “I mean, just the breathing isn’t normal, but like he’s OK,” to one officer.

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In response, Elyria police released a statement mentioning that the woman had informed officers about her baby’s pre-existing medical condition. Detectives and paramedics assessed the child, and according to the statement, they confirmed that the child did not sustain any apparent, visible injuries.

In an online fundraiser to assist with Waylon’s medical bills, Price described the situation, stating, “The negligence from Elyria Police Department caused my baby to have burned eyes, burned chest, burned arm, burned neck.”

Waylon’s condition is improving, but Price expressed that the entire ordeal has been heartbreaking. Despite Price’s claims, Elyria police asserted that the child was not harmed during the operation. In a statement, the police said, “Any allegation suggesting the child was exposed to chemical agents, lack of medical attention, or negligence is not true.”

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