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HomeNewsEvidence Reveals North Carolina Police Chief Asked Captain’s Wife for Nude Photos 

Evidence Reveals North Carolina Police Chief Asked Captain’s Wife for Nude Photos 

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Former Police Chief, Clark
Source: MarsHill_NC/X

Following the October 2023 sacking of North Carolina Police Chief Jon Clark, new information has come to light. Clark lost his position after the town manager found that he had solicited nude photos from a subordinate’s wife. 

In an October 16, 2023 letter he wrote to Clark, Mars Hill town manager Nathan Bennett carefully laid down the reasons for his termination. “Your conduct in attempting to pursue a romantic relationship with the wife of one of your subordinate officers is reprehensible,” the letter declared. 

“To actively solicit that relationship is unforgivable and put your entire Department and the town of Mars Hill at risk,” the letter continued. 

Bennett shared details of Clark’s behavior during an interview with a media company. He revealed that Clark sent the request twice to the subordinate officer’s wife, whose husband was a captain. The captain’s wife didn’t grant his request. 

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After the incident, the captain, Chad Wilson, approached Bennett to complain about Clark’s conduct. The captain went armed with screenshots of Clark’s unholy interaction with his wife. 

After examining the pieces of evidence, Bennett was satisfied that they were credible enough to warrant further investigation. Bennett then secured the services of a private investigator to look into the matter. 

Bennett’s letter to Clark also indicated that the disgraced police chief wasn’t honest about his actions. This was after Bennett and the investigator had confronted him with their findings. 

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“Blatantly telling untruths to me and the investigator employed by the Town leaves me with no choice but to terminate you,” Bennett wrote in the letter. 

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According to local media reports, the former police chief eventually admitted to sending the messages to Wilson’s wife. The incident abruptly ended Clark’s time in the police department. He had joined the organization back in 2016. Clark’s conduct was even more shocking, given he was married with three daughters. 

Bennett also accused Clark of disrespecting higher authority by storming out of the room when confronted with his actions. Clark left the meeting with Bennett and the private investigator to communicate with the police department and “the victims of his conduct.” 

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Another reason contributed to Clark’s termination as police head. Bennett also said that Clark handled his service weapon unethically. 

“Your handling of firearms in your office in which you did not have them in a locked and safe place is totally contrary to all concepts of gun safety, particularly for a law enforcement officer,” Bennett’s letter read. 

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After Clark’s removal as police chief, Captain Wilson took over his position. Wilson assumed his new role effective January 1, 2024. 

During a session with journalists, Wilson, who declined to speak on Clark’s misconduct, spoke about resuming his new position. “I am enthusiastic about taking the helm of this department and moving it forward,” told the reporters. 

After his dismissal, the Madison County Sheriff’s Department gave Clark a position as a school resource officer at Madison Early College High School. Clark was billed to begin work on January 8 but never showed up. 

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