Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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HomeNewsFlorida Venue Scraps Marjorie Taylor Greene's January 6 Anniversary Party 

Florida Venue Scraps Marjorie Taylor Greene’s January 6 Anniversary Party 

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Marjorie Taylor Greene in Congress
Source: Trump_Fact_News/X

A Central Florida venue has canceled an event featuring controversial congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene. The venue managers made the shocking U-turn after word went out that the event would celebrate the anniversary of January 6. 

This revelation spread across town and precipitated a heavy backlash from Floridians. On receiving the news, the venue promptly distanced itself from the alleged plan by withdrawing its participation. 

The Osceola County Republican Party planned the event as a book signing event for Ms Greene. Ms Greene, one of the most vocal Republicans in Congress, has recently authored her first book, “M.T.G.” 

In the book, the Georgia representative “reveals her personal account of the battles she fights in the halls of Congress and beyond.” This also includes her vociferous clamor for President Joe Biden’s impeachment and putting a stop to the Ukraine war. 

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She has also championed the fight to secure the southern border and to end child genital mutilation. But her unflinching support for President Trump has won her the most “enemies.” 

To the dismay of many, Ms Greene has failed to condemn the events of January 6. Instead, she has played down the attack on the U.S. Capitol and, sometimes, even defended it. 

She has also joined the chorus of conservatives who have accused the F.B.I. of masterminding the attack. Ms Greene also took things further when she advised Speaker Mike Johnson to investigate former House January 6 committee members. 

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Trouble started for the event after state Representative Anna V. Eskamani, a Democrat, stumbled upon a text that advertised the event as a January 6 anniversary. Rep. Eskamani shared the screenshot on social media and set off a wildfire of backlash. 

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“Just another day in Florida where the local Republican Party in Osceola County is hosting an “anniversary” event to mark January 6, and Marjorie Taylor Green is the “special” guest,” Rep Eskamani wrote on X. “Was really hoping this was a joke when I first saw it,” the post also read. 

Westgate Resorts in Kissimmee, Florida, where the event was supposed to be held, couldn’t fight off the pressure. “Please be advised that Westgate was not made aware of the purpose of this event,” read a statement from Westgate. “This event has been canceled and is no longer taking place at our resort,” the statement declared. 

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When confronted with the issue by newsmen at a Trump Campaign event in Iowa, Congresswoman Greene refused to respond. “I really don’t understand the point of your question. It doesn’t make any sense,” Ms Greene fired back. 

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However, the congresswoman who won the seat by 74% of the votes responded to the issue via her X account. In her post, she vowed not to cow to Democrats, who she said tried to shut down her book signing. “The show must go on! !” she wrote. 

On their part, the Osceola County Republican Party released a statement through their chairman, Mark Cross. The group expressed their disappointment at the event’s cancellation while stating that Westgate was responsible for picking the date. Cross blamed disinformation and “miscommunication between parties” for the cancellation. 

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