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Florida Sheriff Tells Citizens to Shoot to Kill Home Invaders to “Save Taxpayers Money”

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Florida Sheriff giving a speech
Source: Reddit

A Florida sheriff recently addressed both criticism and accolades he garnered for his viral remarks advocating citizens to use deadly force against home intruders.

In an April 2022 press briefing, Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson emphasized, “If someone is breaking into your house, you’re more than welcome to shoot. We prefer you to do that, actually.”

His statements gained renewed attention in contrast to a New York incident where a woman faced arrest for evicting squatters from her property. Johnson, defending his stance, stated in an interview with Fox News Digital, “I said if you shoot accurately, and you kill the guy, you save taxpayers money.

And I also said that if somebody gets killed during a home invasion, the odds of them re-offending are zero. And we like those odds, which we do.” Highlighting the prevalence of firearms ownership in Santa Rosa County, he emphasized the importance of citizens defending themselves in the face of potential threats. 

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While Johnson’s remarks were directed at home invasions rather than squatter disputes, he noted a remarkable absence of such incidents since his comments.

Citing Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, which permits residents to defend themselves without retreating, Johnson compared it favorably to other states lacking similar provisions, attributing higher crime rates in places like New York and California to fear of gun ownership.

Acknowledging a typical 911 response time of 3 to 5 minutes, Johnson urged citizens to arm themselves for self-protection, offering gun safety and marksmanship training sessions weekly.

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Despite facing death threats post-press conference, he remained undeterred, dismissing concerns as originating from states with restrictive gun laws. Responding to accusations of racial insensitivity, Johnson clarified the intruder in question was Caucasian, refuting claims of racial bias.

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Unfazed by criticism, Johnson asserted his straightforward communication style, contrasting it with elected officials’ tendencies towards political correctness. He credited Gov. Ron DeSantis’ support for law enforcement and Second Amendment rights as enabling his outspokenness.

“We have a very pro-law enforcement governor – DeSantis. He loves the citizens of Florida and the criminals; they get a tough time in the state, and it’s because of him and his leadership,” Johnson affirmed.

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“We have a very pro-law enforcement governor – DeSantis. He loves the citizens of Florida, and the criminals, they get a tough time in the state, and it’s because of him and his leadership,” he said.

“As an elected official, like I said, my number one fundamental responsibility is the protection of the citizens of Santa Rosa County. And I think letting them protect themselves, especially in their homes, is a smart thing to do,” Johnson continued. “I think we have a great bunch of citizens out there that love guns. And, hey, I’m proud of them.”

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In conclusion, Sheriff Johnson defended his advocacy for citizens’ right to self-defense, asserting it as crucial to ensuring public safety. Unapologetic in his approach, he reaffirmed his commitment to protecting the citizens of Santa Rosa County and championed their right to defend themselves, particularly within their homes.

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