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Everything We Know About Simon Cowell’s Son Eric

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The birth of Simon Cowell’s son Eric changed the famous reality Tv host’s world and beliefs. Here’s everything we know about the boy.

For many people who have witnessed Simon Cowell dishing out harsh comments to performers on his talent shows, one would believe the British judge is a rude, arrogant host. However, being straight and direct is one of Simon’s many unique attributes, and behind the curtains, the famous host can be as humble as they come. 

Simon Cowell's son
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Simon is also an adorable father of one, and in a recent interview with The Sun, the TV Host spoke about the impact of fatherhood in his life. Simon told the news publication that before he became a father, work took up 99% of his time. 

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The host explained that he named his son Eric after his late father, with whom he was very close before his death. While explaining the reasoning behind his decision, Simon commented

“After I lost my mum and my dad, you kind of think you’re never going to feel that love again — that’s it. Then you have kids, and, though I never thought I would feel that way, it’s beyond your love for your parents. It almost hurts how much you love them. Then you start thinking, ‘When he grows up, what’s his dad going to have done?’ I think about that a lot.”

Simon further confesses that he was really unhappy before the birth of Eric. However, since the child arrived, Simon stopped working through the nights. The TV host further expressed that his son’s birth saves him because only God knows what would have happened without Eric. 

Meanwhile, Simon also expressed the importance of keeping up with his son’s energy. The TV host confessed that kids are always energized; however, seeing the world through his son’s eyes gave him a new perspective on his work. Simon also explained how his son’s interest or disinterest in some of his ideas sometimes determines what he brings to his shows. 

Who is Simon Cowell’s Son Eric?

Simon Cowell's son Eric
Image: Pinterest

Simon welcomed his son Eric on February 14, 2014, with his long-term girlfriend, Lauren Silverman. Shortly after his birth, The Sun revealed singer Sinitta as his godmother. The singer was previously in a relationship with Simon. 

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Like many celebrity kids his age, Eric’s parents have kept him largely from the public eye. However, in 2018 Simon disclosed he wanted his son to take over from him one day. According to the famous host, he wanted his son to become a “Britain’s Got Talent” judge one day. 

Simon, whose impact on the Hollywood music scene is groundbreaking, disclosed how he had been grooming his son to take over the reins one day. The TV host noted

“I look at things through his eyes now. I want to spend more time with him. I’m lucky because he likes the shows, so he comes down to them with me. So I’m sort of training him up.”

Does Simon Cowell’s Son Have Special Needs?

Simon Cowell has not made any official statement regarding whether his son, Eric, has special needs or is on the autism spectrum. Some indications, such as a 2018 comment where Cowell mentioned that Eric isn’t fond of loud sounds and avoids physical contact, have sparked discussions about the possibility. Cowell also noted that Eric has a unique way of communicating, but emphasized his son’s endearing nature.

Simon Occasionally Shows Off His Son Eric

On October 14, 2017, Eric made a surprise appearance on “X-Factor” when he showed up to help his dad. During the episode, Eric appeared and started taking some satsumas from Simon during the Six Chair Challenge. 

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Eric made another adorable appearance on April 22, 2018, when he starred as a Britain’s Got Talent judge. The little kid warmed hearts when he spoke about his excitement sitting beside the panel. Just weeks later, Eric appeared again when. He interrupted his father’s interview on Loose Women. The little kid gate crashed the interview and jumped on his father’s left before trying to clip a peg to the host’s nose. 

In September 2022, Simon walked the AGT red carpet ahead of the season 17 finale, accompanied by his son Eric and his fiancée Lauren Silverman.  The trio later posed for pictures on the red carpet, and Simon made sure Eric stole all the attention, even pointing at him in one of the pictures.  

Simon and Eric To Release Children’s Books

In February 2020, Simon and his son Eric announced they had signed a deal with the Hachette Children’s Group for a seven-book series. The book titled “Wishfits” is reportedly about magical and unusual creatures. Sealing about the project during his appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the TV host said

“It’s been brilliant. I never thought I would do something like this. I love that. That’s the juxtaposition of you doing this is so great for me.”

Simon, who had taken a break from being a judge on AGT after a bike accident that left him hospitalized, also spoke about how embarrassed he felt returning home. The host explained he couldn’t walk and had metal rods and screws in his back. However, Eric surprised him when the little boy came when he was lying in bed and likened his dad to superman. Fatherhood has affected many Hollywood stars positively, and it’s good to see the impact on Simon. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Simon Cowell’s Son

With the rise in public curiosity about Simon Cowell’s son, Eric Cowell, many questions have emerged concerning his health. Here, we address some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Eric Cowell.

What Is Wrong With Simon Cowell’s Son?

There haven’t been any public indications of health issues affecting Simon Cowell’s son, Eric. Publicly available information paints a picture of a healthy child. While some matters, especially health, are kept private by families, no official reports suggest any health problems.

Is Simon Cowell’s Son Disabled or Handicapped?

There have been no public reports suggesting that Simon Cowell’s son, Eric, is disabled or handicapped. The public knows him as a child who seems to be enjoying a healthy life.

Why Does Simon Cowell’s Son Wear Headphones?

There is no indication that Simon Cowell’s son wears headphones for any special reason. However, Simon Cowell did mention in 2018 that his son “doesn’t really like loud noises.” This might suggest that Eric wears headphones to manage sensitivity to loud sounds, but without specific details, this remains speculative.

Is Simon Cowell’s Son Ill?

No public information indicates that Simon Cowell’s son, Eric, has suffered from any illnesses. During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Simon Cowell took precautions for his son’s health, such as mask-wearing, but there’s no evidence that Eric faced significant health challenges. Simon Cowell himself battled with stage 1 rectal cancer in 2016 but made a full recovery.

Is Simon Cowell’s Son Autistic?

Simon Cowell has never confirmed or denied if his son, Eric, is on the autism spectrum. Some remarks from Cowell in 2018 suggest that Eric may have certain characteristics often associated with autism, such as discomfort with loud noises or being touched. However, it’s crucial to approach such topics with sensitivity and refrain from making assumptions without official confirmation.

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