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Dwayne Johnson Sings “Moana” Hit for Toddler With Brain Disorder in X Video

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Dwayne Johnson
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In the Disney movie Moana, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson plays Maui: a demigod and shapeshifter who aids the film’s protagonist in saving her people. Now, Johnson has proved that like the character he plays, he truly is a hero.

Recently, he showcased his altruistic side. On Sunday, March 24, Johnson, in a partnership with the Make-a-Wish Foundation, shared a touching moment where he sang his hit song “You’re Welcome” to a young girl named Naomi, battling a brain disorder in the hospital utilizing his social media platform.

In the heartwarming video, Johnson expressed his support for Naomi’s fight against her illness, emphasizing the importance of positivity and spreading light, particularly in the lives of children facing challenges.

He shared, “Join me in a song. Naomi is two years old and fighting the fight in the hospital with a brain disorder. Her wish is for Maui to send her a video of him singing ‘You’re Welcome.'”

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Continuing his message of encouragement, Johnson stated, “As we know, there’s a lot of noise and negativity out there, but I deeply believe that positive energy, light, and mana can make a real difference in people’s lives – especially when it comes to our children who are struggling.

Naomi, I hope you smile with this song and Uncle Maui will sing ‘You’re Welcome’ anytime you need it. Thank you everyone watching this for sending your mana and positive light.”

The song “You’re Welcome,” featured in the beloved Disney film Moana, marked a significant milestone for Johnson as it earned him his first appearance on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, debuting at No. 83.

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The catchy lyrics of the song, delivered with Johnson’s charismatic flair, include lines like, “What can I say except, ‘You’re welcome’/ For the tides, the sun, the sky/ Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay/ You’re welcome/ I’m just an ordinary demi-guy.”

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Through this gesture, Johnson not only brought joy to Naomi but also highlighted the power of compassion and positivity in uplifting spirits during challenging times. His act of kindness serves as a reminder of the impact individuals can have when they use their influence for good, spreading smiles and hope wherever they go.

The Make-a-Wish Foundation is dedicated to granting the wishes of children who are battling critical illnesses. The organization believes in creating life-changing moments for these children and their families to bring them hope and courage in the midst of their struggles.

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Several country artists have worked with Make-a-Wish over the years. In 2023, Lainey Wilson granted the wish of a child named Jonathan as she gave him a VIP experience he’ll never forget at one of her shows.

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In conclusion, Dwayne Johnson’s rendition of “You’re Welcome” to Naomi exemplifies the compassion and empathy that define true heroism. As Maui, Johnson continues to inspire others with his generosity and warmth, proving that a little kindness can make a world of difference in someone’s life.

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