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Deena Freeman: What We Know About Morgan Freeman’s Daughter

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Deena Freeman is one of Morgan Freeman’s children. However, she is not his biological child since she was adopted into the family.

Her adoption into the Freeman family launched her to fame and had Morgan’s fans combing the net for information about her. Unfortunately, early details on her family are unavailable. 

Keep reading to learn more about Deena Freeman and what happened between Morgan Freeman and her daughter, E’Dena Hines. 

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Morgan Freeman with his family
Morgan Freeman with his family. (Source: Pinterest)

Who Is Deena Freeman? 

Deena Freeman is the adoptive daughter of Morgan Freeman. He adopted her following his marriage to her mother, Jeanette Adair Bradshaw. While married, they also welcomed a daughter they named Morgana. 

Jeanette gave birth to Deena while she was in a previous relationship, but details about her early life have not been shared with the public. It has been confirmed that she was born in the US. However, the exact location, date, and her age were kept secret. 

Another essential information we acquired about her is that her ethnicity is African American, while her nationality is listed as American. 

Did Morgan Freeman Sleep With Deena Freeman’s Daughter? 

When she was old enough, Deena welcomed a child and named her E’Dena Hines. Unfortunately, E’Dena lost her life after she was stabbed at age 33 just outside her New York City apartment in August 2015. 

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According to reports, she was stabbed 25 times, and her body was left lying in the street outside of her home in Washington Heights. The crime was perpetrated by her boyfriend, Lamar Davenport, who allegedly did it in a drunken rage. 

While the case was being investigated, Davenport confessed that many of the arguments he had with E’Dena were caused by the fact that she had once admitted that she and Morgan Freeman engaged in sexual activities. 

It is not the first time rumors the veteran actor was messing around with his granddaughter made headlines. Before she died, E’Dena was adopted by Morgan and his former wife, Myrna Colley-Lee. When Myrna later filed a case against Freeman for divorce in 2008, she claimed that he had an affair with E’ Dena. However, no proof was found to support the allegations.

In 2012 as well, rumors claimed that Morgan and E’Dena were planning to get married. However, both of them stepped forward to put the news to rest. 

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Morgan said: “The recent reports of any pending marriage or romantic relationship of me to anyone are defamatory fabrications from the tabloid media designed to sell papers. What is even more alarming is that these fabrications are now being picked up by the legitimate press as well.” 

E’Dena’s boyfriend, Lamar Davenport, was convicted of manslaughter less than two years after her demise in May 2018. 

Morgan's daughter, Deena Freeman posing with her siblings
Morgan’s daughter, Deena Freeman, posing with her siblings. (Source: Pinterest)

Deena Freeman Parents

Deena Freeman is the adoptive child of Morgan Freeman, one of the movie industry’s most famous actors, with numerous awards to prove it. He has featured in great hits like “The Shawshank Redemption,” “Se7en,” and “Bruce Almighty,” among others. 

For his hard work and consistency, Morgan has been honored with various accolades. Some awards he has received include an Academy Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a Golden Globe Award. He is also the recipient of the Kennedy Center Honor in 2008 and the AFI Life Achievement Award in 2011.

Deena’s mother is Jeanette Adair Bradshaw. She married Morgan Freeman from October 22, 1967, until November 18, 1979, before they parted ways. Morgan subsequently moved on with Myrna Colley-Lee, whom he married on June 16, 1984.

What Does Deena Freeman Do?

Like her famous father, Deena Freeman also decided to establish a career in the entertainment industry. However, rather than working in front of a camera as an actress, she works behind the scenes as a celebrity hairstylist. 

Her relationship with Morgan has dramatically boosted her career. She is known to work as her dad’s stylist and has done so on several movies, including “The Nutcracker” and “The Four Realms.”

If there is anything else she does to make money, Deena has kept it away from the prying eyes of the public, so we don’t know about it. Her net worth is also up for debate.

Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman. (Source: Pinterest)

Deena Freeman Now?

Morgan Freeman’s daughter is a very private person. She seems to avoid any media publicity, often avoiding the cameras, unlike her celebrity father and siblings. Aside from Deena, Morgan Freeman has three children: Saifoulaye Freeman, Morgana Freeman, and Alfonso Freeman.

They are all his biological kids, and they all chose to establish careers in the entertainment industry like their father. They have enjoyed a measure of success, but none have been able to surpass him in acting. 

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