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Caught in the Web! – Zendaya and Tom Holland’s Relationship Timeline

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“Spider-Man” stars Tom Holland and Zendaya seem like the perfect pair made in heaven and have a blossoming relationship to prove just that.

It’s about time! Since the superhero comic, “Spider-Man,” first hit the TV screens, the pair of Peter Parker and Mary Jane made it to the top of viewer’s favorite couple list.

Decades later, the world gets to see the relationship between the onscreen favorite lovebirds play out in real life, thanks to the latest role players of the superhero flick, Tom Holland and Zendaya.

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For years, one lingering question on every fan’s mind has been, “Are Tom Holland and Zendaya dating?” The screen-fated pair finally gave us the closest thing to an answer in July, when a picture of them displaying PDA in public surfaced.

Since then, many have gone wild with excitement, stalking the young couple for more juicy sneak peeks into their blossoming romance. Being here, you probably fall in that boat too. Winks.

So if you’ve got lingering questions like “are Tom Holland and Zendaya engaged?” and “are Tom Holland and Zendaya still together?” tugging your heartstrings, give yourself a pat on the back because you are in the right place.

Keep reading to discover every juicy detail about Zendaya and Tom Holland’s complete relationship timeline.

How Did They Meet? (July 2016)

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The story of the lovey-dovey pair kicked off in 2016 after they were cast as major fixtures in the 2016 revival of the Marvel superhero flick.

While Tom Holland set out to play the fictional Spiderman, Zendaya snagged the role of the beautiful MJ (Michelle Johnson), on “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”

This “Spider-Man” adaptation followed the life of a teenage Peter Parker navigating the awkwardness of his new life after being bitten by a radioactive spider. Of course, it also mirrored his relationship with his love interest, MJ.

Thus, the onscreen love between Holland and Zendaya commenced, translating to a deeper off-the-screen friendship.

A Blossoming Friendship (July 2016)

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Right after finding each other on the set of “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” the twosome hit it off, forging a friendship that would fester into something deeper.

On July 10, 2016, Zandaya made her first appearance on Holland’s Instagram account. The post featured the pair and one of their friends enjoying a swim on a warm “Summer Sunday.”

Coupling Up For A Shoot (November 2016)

In November 2016, Holland and the “KC Undercover” actress debuted their couple photo, for the cover of The Hollywood Reporter. Although the duo was not dating at the time, the shoot left fans craving some Zendaland.

Zendaya posted a picture of their shared cover on Instagram, describing it as the one good thing to happen to her amid all the chaos and sadness. She also acknowledged how honored she felt to share the moment with “the very best Spider-Man himself.”

Rumors Creep In (July 2017)

A July 2017 article published by People claimed Holland and Zendaya were an item. A source disclosed the information, noting that the pair have been careful to keep their romance under wraps.

The source also claimed the two spend as much time as possible with each other and go on several vacations. Another source backed the speculation, claiming the two had a lot in common and challenged each other, making them a good match.

Clamping Down On Rumors

The actress and singer quickly shut down the rumor, taking to Twitter to spell out the obvious flaws in those speculations. Turned out Zendaya had not experienced any vacation in years!

In an interview, the star acknowledged that such rumors were expected to pop up at some point, as it was part of the job.

On his part, Holland better clarified their relationship to the world in an interview, saying they were best of friends. Going further, he explained how his co-star helped him deal with fame, making it easier for him to cope with his Spider-Man reality.

A Needed Clarification (August 2017)

While gracing an interview in August 2017, the interviewer boldly asked Zendaya the question on everyone’s mind. In response, the star stated a blunt “no,” before proceeding to describe Holland as a great dude and one of her best friends.

Dinner With The Family (December 2017)

Amid never-ending dating speculations, the couple joined Zendaya’s parents Claire Stoermer and Kezembe Coleman for dinner in New York City in December 2017.

Holland calls Zendaya His Mate (May 2018)

As the ultimate confirmation of their friendship, Holland shared his first sole picture of Zendaya. Captioning the pic of the actress in her 2018 Met gala ensemble, the actor wrote:

“All hail the Queen. Killing it mate.” 

Instagram official? (May 2019)

Holland posted a picture featuring himself, Zendaya, and their “Spider-Man” co-star Jacob Batalon. However, he made a supposed blunder by tagging Zendaya in his crotch area, raising brows.

The “Euphoria” star easily diffused the situation by dismissing his blunder as not knowing “how to work IG.” However, many fans considered the post the confirmation they needed that the two were an item.

The First Kiss (July 2019)

In July 2019, following the release of “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” millions of viewers got to witness the first on-screen kiss between Peter Parker and his MJ.

Zendaya and Jacob Elordi (February-November 2020)

The 25-year old’s relationship with her “Euphoria” co-star, Jacob Elordi, went public after the duo were spotted kissing in New York. Sources confirmed the pair had been inseparable since the previous summer and even met each other’s families.

Nine months later, it seemed things soured between the pair, as Elordi confirmed his relationship with model Kaia Gerber.

Tom Holland And Nadia Parkes (July 2020)

Holland went Instagram-official with girlfriend Nadia Parks, sharing her picture on his page. A source later confirmed the duo were in an official relationship and decided to quarantine together after London went on lockdown.

A Kiss For Real (July 2021)

Tom Holland and Zendaya share a kiss | Image: Unsplash
Tom Holland and Zendaya | Image: Unsplash

July 2021 ushered in the moment everyone had been waiting for, as photos of Zendaya and Tom Holland kissing in the latter’s car in Los Angeles surfaced. The pictures sent fans into a wild frenzy, as they celebrated the union of the couple even though none of them confirmed the seeming romance.

A Wedding Date (August 2021)

The spidey-couple went as each other’s dates to a mutual friend’s wedding, making no attempt to hide their budding affection. A photo from the event said it all.

Tom Holland and Zendaya pose with friends at a wedding | Image: Unsplash
Tom Holland and Zendaya | Image: Unsplash

Birthday Tribute (September 2021)

On Zendaya’s 25th birthday, “The Impossible” star shared a tribute to the songstress, referring to her as his MJ. He accompanied the post with a photo of them posing together on the set of their Marvel superhero flick.

Opening Up About Love (November 2021)

In October 2021, Zendaya giggled her way out of Timothee Chalamet’s tagging of Holland as her biggest crush. While the icon never confirmed if her “Dune” co-star was right, her obvious attempt to slip out of the situation is the closest thing to a confirmation of their romance.

Barely a month later, Holland went candid about the difficulties of trying to protect the privacy between two famous people who loved each other. While he mentioned no names, referring to that as the “downsides of our fame,” left many filling the blanks.

The Two Attend A London Photocall For “Spider-Man: No Way Home”

Tom Holland and Zendaya stormed the red carpet of a London photocall for “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” In December 2021 in each other’s arms.

Notably, the only things that shone brighter than the “Malcolm And Marie” star’s diamond ensemble were their heart eyes locked on each other as they gushed about their spectacular companionship.

Although their blossoming romance seems obvious to the rest of the world, the ultimate proof would undoubtedly involve a direct confirmation from the private pair.

While that is not forthcoming, one can only hope these Hollywood sweethearts remain caught in the webs of love long enough to trigger the wedding bells.

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