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Brendan Schaub’s Wife: When Did Brendan Schaub Meet His Wife?

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Brendan Schaub’s wife is Joanna Zanella, an actress, sport-enthusiast-turned-presenter, and entrepreneur. The gorgeous all-rounder has credited her close-knit family as the reason she has gathered such a colorful experience thus far.

Keep reading to learn more about Zanella and how she became Brendan Schaub’s wife. 

Joanna Zanella
Joanna Zanella. (Source: Pinterest)

Who Is Brendan Schaub’s Wife? 

Brendan Schaub’s wife is Joanna Zanella. She has held the title for only a few years, but they have been together much longer. Zanella entered this world on May 5, 1988, in West Hollywood, California.

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However, she spent the first nine years of her life growing up in Mexico after her family moved there. During her time there, she was raised in a close-knit family she came to love, and when the time came to return to the US, she became depressed. 

Fortunately, her parents were there to support her. After they returned to the US, Zanella worked as a child actress. By the time she finished high school, she had developed an interest in sports and eventually pursued a career related to it. 

Zanella and Schaub reportedly started dating in 2014 before marrying on May 24, 2019, five years later. Their union is blessed with two boys: Tiger and his younger brother, Boston.

Brendan Schaub’s wife is a doting mother to her two boys, whom she once called her “heart and soul.” In 2022, she took to Instagram to gush about her boys and share some of the things she picked up as their mom. 

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She wrote: “Thank you for teaching me everything I never knew I would learn. Patience, unconditional love, strength, and, most importantly, teaching me how to be your mommy. I love you both more than you’ll ever know, and I know now I was destined to be a boy mom.”

What Does Brendan Schaub’s Wife Do? 

Brendan Schaub’s wife has won many hats so far in her life, but the main ones she has been associated with include sports host, entrepreneur, and actress. Zanella was a former anchor for UFC and is allegedly a TV host at Fox Deportes, the pioneer Spanish sports network in the US. She is now a well-known sports host, but it was not easy. 

Zanella said about it: “It hasn’t always been easy. I got more doors shut than I opened, but I kept at it, and I knew that it was my passion, it’s what I loved to do, and it’s what I wanted to do as a career. Many people told me I was only looking, but when they would see the knowledge I have in sports, they would be surprised.”

Zanella is also an actress. She starred in the Spanish film “Un dia en el banco,” which was released in 2009. The talented actress has also been featured in two others and a TV series, per IMDB. When she’s not doing any of that, you can find the talented woman working on her personal clothing line called JZ.STYLE. 

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Joanna Zanella
Joanna Zanella. (Source: Pinterest)

Did COVID-19 Save Brendan Schaub and Joanna Zanella’s Marriage?

Brendan Schaub and Joanna Zanella have not always had the best relationship. They have been through their fair share of ups and downs. 

Following her husband’s retirement from fighting, he became a comedian. It caused their family to move around often and afforded them barely any family time. They tried their best to create space for themselves amidst it all. However, according to Zanella, those periods when they are apart for long are still tricky. 

In September 2020, Schaub confessed to having marital problems with Zanella. According to the former UFC heavyweight, there was a problem in their paradise for some time, but they got rid of it thanks to COVID-19.

The pair seem to have grown even closer since then. If their Instagram pages are anything to go on, they are clearly doing well together. And there is not a cloud in sight as far as their relationship is concerned. 

Brendan Schaub
Brendan Schaub. (Source: Pinterest)

Who Is Brendan Schaub?

Brendan Schaub is a well-known stand-up comedian, podcast host, and former professional mixed martial artist. He hosts two thriving podcasts, including “The Fighter and the Kid” and the “BELOW THE BELT with Brendan Schaub” podcast. He also co-hosts the “King and the Sting” podcast alongside fellow comedian Theo Von.

Schaub stepped back from MMA in 2015 and focused on becoming a comedian. He released his first comedy special titled “You’d Be Surprised” in 2019. His performance was well-received, leaving no doubt that in some years, Schaub may be on par with the likes of Bert Kreischer

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