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Barack Obama and Michelle Obama’s Love Story — a Classic White House Romance

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Former U.S. first couple, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, began their relationship in 1989. Over three decades later, the pair is basking strong, taking their love story to new levels with each passing day.

The love story of Barack and Michelle Obama began like every typical romance tale— a peculiar first meeting, followed by a random first date. Today, the 44th president of the United States and his wife are the lead role players in the most breath-taking classic white house romance of all time.


Barack and Michelle Obama’s love story began with their first meeting in 1989. The pair ran into each other at a Chicago law firm, Sidney Austin.

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The then-25-year-old, Michelle Robinson, who was at the time working at Sidney Austin, had been with the firm for a year when Obama showed up on a fateful day. Michelle landed the mandate of showing the Harvard Law graduate around Sidney Austin, and the pair found common grounds other than their Alma mater.

Barack Obama, then 28, admittedly became captivated by her height and beauty. It didn’t take long for the newbie to make his move on his adviser and senior colleague. In her memoir titled “Becoming,” Michelle Obama recounted, turning him down severally because she was his work mentor.

Eventually, Barack offered to quit his job at the firm, just to win her over, and his romantic gesture paid off.


The pair went on their first date shortly after Michelle relaxed the ropes on him in 1989. It began with the duo honoring a Barbecue hosted by the Sidney Austin Law Firm. For their summer associates. After the event, Michelle drove Barack home.

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Rather than get off the ride at his place, however, Barack suggested they strolled down the block to get some ice cream. The future FLOTUS obliged. He ended up getting her some chocolate ice cream from Baskin-Robbins, moving her to the conclusion that he knew how to treat a woman.

Somewhere into their unplanned, tension-filled date, Barack leaned over the dinner table and kissed her. Michelle returned the gesture, marking the beginning of their journey to becoming a United States power couple.


Their soul-stirring exchange at the ice cream shop may have spurred their love story, but the two sealed the relationship with an official date shortly after.

The couple hooked up at the Art Institute in Chicago for their first official date. After spending half the day admiring cultural artifacts together, they took a long stroll near the area, before settling for lunch at the Art Institute. Afterward, they hit the movies to watch “Do The Right Thing.”

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The duo tried to keep the relationship away from their colleagues but didn’t have much luck with that. 


Two years into the relationship, the pair sealed their love with an engagement ring. Barack Obama proposed to his soul mate in a fancy restaurant while they were out on a dinner date. The date was initially in celebration of Barack’s success at his Bar exams.

However, the romantic outing turned into a proposal when a waiter walked up to the couple with a tray bearing dessert and a ring. There, in the full glare of everyone, Barack went down on one knee and popped the big question. Michelle was all too glad to accept his ring with a resounding “Yes!”


Michelle became Barack Obama’s wife on October 3, 1992, barely three years after their first hookup. The wedding took place at Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago. An elaborate reception followed at South Shore Cultural Center.

Barack’s brother served as his best man, while Michelle’s brother, Craig Robinson, was on hand to walk her down the aisle. After the ceremony, the lovebirds set out to the California coast on a romantic honeymoon.


Six years after tying the knot, the power couple welcomed a new addition to the family. Their first daughter, Malia Ann Obama, arrived on July 4, 1998.


Three years after Malia’s birth, Michelle and Barack had their second offspring, Natasha Obama. Sasha joined the family on July 10, 2001, completing the party of four.

Remarkably, Michelle and Barack Obama’s kids have grown into young adults. Malia, now 21, followed in her parent’s footsteps becoming a Harvard undergrad.

Barack has been known to describe his children as smart, steady young women.


After building a family of smart women, Barack went on to pursue his political ambitions. His election as a state senator for Illinois in 2004.

Four years later, the politician gunned for the seat of the president as a democrat. With the help of his smart, talented wife, he got the post in 2008, becoming the 44th president of the United States. 

He retained his post after his 2012 re-election bid against the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney. 

Despite spending eight years in office, being Michelle Obama’s husband was admittedly his most significant accomplishment in the White House. At the end of their tenure, the duo wasted no time returning to their normal lives as U.S citizens.

Barack and Michelle Obama, now parents of two, and arguably the most influential couple in the United States, have dedicated their time to family and humanitarian services, making the most of their post-presidential lives.

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