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Authorities Find Top Executive for “Sherri” Show Dead at Home in Suspected Suicide

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Sherri Shepherd’s top producer for her “Sherri” show was found dead at his New York home on February 13, 2024. According to sources, the top executive-in-charge of “Sherri” talk show, Matt Uzzle, may have died of an “apparent suicide.”

A picture of Sherri host and the dead executive
Source: HuffPost/X

According to reports, Uzzle had not been in contact with anyone for an extended period. Therefore, the radio silence prompted a welfare check by law enforcement, who discovered his body. Uzzle, whose primary job was to manage production and oversee the budget at “Sherri,” was under investigation at the time of his tragic death. 

Authorities claimed that Debmar-Mercury, the show’s production company, was probing into Uzzle before his death. The company reportedly found that “he had not paid rent at the show’s Chelsea, NYC, studio since September.” “There was real concern among staff that the show was getting shut down,” a source told Page Six. “Debmar had to step in.” 

However, another source told the outlet that the show’s production was ongoing despite rumors of shutting down. Following the alleged fund mismanagement and shutting down rumors, a representative for Debmar-Mercury spoke to media outlets.

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“We have retained [law firm] Morgan Lewis to help us investigate the matter,” the representative said. “And pending the outcome of that investigation, we’ll have no further comment.” Afterward, superiors reportedly confronted Uzzle about the budget problems. 

“Uzzle reportedly told superiors that he needed a few days to organize his paperwork after being confronted about the budget problems,” the Daily Mail reported. However, after no one heard from him for several days, police performed a welfare check in his Piermont home. Unfortunately, they found him dead.

The police department has not provided additional information regarding Uzzle’s death. However, sources indicate that he died from suicide. Following the top executive’s death, fans have started linking his death to the financial investigation initiated at Debmar-Mercury.

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As the situation unfolds, it is worth noting that the company is keeping Uzzle’s death contained. Hence, only a few news sites have covered it. Many describe Uzzle, who oversaw the budget at “Sherri,” as “a respected production manager.”

In addition, they acknowledged him for his outstanding contributions to “The Wendy Williams Show” and several other significant projects. Also, “Sherri” paid tribute to the 50-year-old renowned exec with an in-memoriam segment on its February 15 episode.

Furthermore, the Debmar-Mercury management allegedly enlisted grief counselors to support staff members in coping with the loss. This incident isn’t the first time the talk show has grabbed headlines. The last time “Sherri” made headlines was for its host, Shepherd.

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The talk show host did not join the months-long Writer’s Guild of America [WGA] strike. Instead of halting production of her show like her Hollywood counterparts, Shepherd launched the second season of “Sherri.” During the premiere, she assured viewers that reopening the talk show did not breach the rules of the WGA strike. 

In addition, the comedian disclosed that, unlike other shows, she has never hired WGA writers. Shepherd claimed she belonged to a different guild; thus, “coming back to work isn’t crossing the picket line.”

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