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Are the Rumors About Marlo Thomas’ Plastic Surgery True?

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Marlo Thomas is an American actress, producer, author, and social activist who rose to stardom after starring as Ann Marie in the iconic sitcom “That Girl” in 1966. She has been a notable face in Hollywood since 1960. With four Emmy Awards, a Grammy Award, and a Golden Globe award, Marlo Thomas remains one of the most successful actresses ever.

The successful actress has been the subject of rumors as she looks younger than her peers. Fans are eager to know if the Hollywood legend performed a face procedure. Here’s everything we know about Marlo Thomas’ plastic surgery.

Are Marlo Thomas’ Plastic Surgery Rumors True?

Thomas gained prominence in the 1960s with her stellar acting skills and beautiful face, which many believed was made for the screen. Marlo Thomas was born Margaret Julia Thomas on November 21, 1937, in Detroit, Michigan, US, but was raised in Beverly Hills, California.

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Her stage name, Marlo, came from her mispronunciation of Margo. She attended Marymount High School and graduated from the University of Southern California, earning a teaching degree. The rumors about Marlo Thomas’ plastic surgery became widespread when fans noticed the now 85-year-old actress was not aging.

While some fans think Marlo Thomas’ plastic surgery journey began before she started filming the “That Girl” sitcom, others think Thomas’ need for surgery came after her appearance on the sitcom.

Although the Hollywood legend has neither confirmed nor debunked the rumors, they have been around for a long time. However, fans are convinced that plastic surgery has altered her looks from the stunning young lady who starred in “That Girl” to the young-looking older woman she is now.

A picture of Marlo Thomas on the set of her breakout series
Marlo Thomas on the set of That Girl. (Source: Instagram/@marlothomas)

What Happened to Marlo Thomas’ Nose?

Marlo Thomas‘ nose is one of the parts of her body that drew the attention of fans and the media. Like many celebrities, the change started from her nose. There are speculations that Marlo Thomas’ plastic surgery began when she decided to get her nose done. According to reports, her nose looks a little too pinched to be natural, and the unnaturalness is a giveaway.

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Did Marlos Thomas Get a Facelift?

While the Hollywood legend has not confirmed the rumors about her surgery, her face has. Marlo Thomas is a woman in her mid-eighties who should have wrinkles and sagging skin. However, the 85-year-old actress looks a few years above 50.

Marlo Thomas’ plastic surgery has seen the Hollywood legend look younger than her age. She appears youthful for her age, and fans think it results from going under the knife multiple times.

Marlo Thomas and her dog. (Source: Instagram/@marlothomas)

What Is Wrong With Marlo Thomas’ Face?

This has been a recurring question from worried fans. Although there is no confirmed information about why Marlo Thomas seems to be defying age, several reports hint that Marlo Thomas’s face has undergone multiple plastic surgery procedures.

Some procedures the Hollywood legend seems to have undergone include facelifts, nose jobs, and browlifts. Her youthful look and talent have kept her relevant in the movie business. Despite being in her eighties, Thomas is still going strong on television, and it is heart-warming to see that age is not limiting her.

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Marlo Thomas’ Plastic Surgery Influence on Her Career

While the secret behind her wrinkle-free face is not confirmed, Marlo Thomas is getting the better end of the plastic surgery rumors. However, her silence on the rumors keeps fans curious, making her one of the most talked about among her peers. Aside from the interested fans, looking way younger than her age is one of the reasons the Hollywood legend is still active in the entertainment industry.

A picture of Marlo Thomas
Marlo Thomas’s youthful look. (Source: Instagram/@marlothomas)

Meet Marlo Thomas’ Husband and Children

Although there is little information about Thomas’ relationships before her marriage to Phil Donahue, she reportedly had a long association with a playwright, Herb Gardner. In 1977, Marlo Thomas met her husband, Phil Donahue, on a television talk show, Donahue. Thomas was a guest on the show, while Phil was the host.

It was love at first sight for the pair. They dated for a while and finally exchanged vows on May 21, 1980. After marriage, Phil and his children moved from Chicago to New York to live with the successful actress. Although Marlo Thomas and her husband have been together for 43 years, they do not have a child.

Marlo Thomas and her husband
Marlo Thomas and her husband, Phil Donahue. (Source: Instagram/@marlothomas)

However, Phil, on the other hand, has five children, four sons, and a daughter, from his first marriage. This makes Marlo Thomas a stepmom to 5 children, and she has a great friendship with them.

The rumors about Marlo Thomas’ plastic surgery remain what they are… rumors! Fans have expressed their opinions by criticizing her looks. Many opine that she has gone too far with the surgery procedures, saying it is ridiculous to ignore the facts.

However, the Hollywood legend is opting to ignore the allegations. Marlo Thomas is not the first celebrity to have undergone surgical procedures, and will not be the last.

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