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Are Gen Z Lazy for Not Wanting to Work 40 Hours a Week?

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In a 2-minute rant, a Gen-Z argued that members of her age set are not as lazy as people claim. As far as she is concerned, they simply know the value of their time.

Mik, whose Tiktok account is @thatginger4567, argued against the 40-hour work week in her short rant. She stated that she and other Gen Z-ers know they can earn more money owning a business themselves rather than punching in a time card for someone else.

The video begins with Mik saying: “Gen Z isn’t lazy for not wanting to work 40 hours a week. Let me repeat that for the people in the back. Gen Z isn’t lazy for not wanting to work 40 hours weekly.”

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She then explains why it makes sense that a generation of individuals who want to spend less time working per week can not be classified as lazy. She said: “Answer me this: why would I work 40 hours a week when I can make the same amount of money working for myself in ten hours?”

Mik believes that most Gen Z-ers are more focused on launching their businesses than worrying about getting gainful employment from companies that barely compensate them as much as they can by launching their employment ventures.

Mik said: “If anything, it would be stupid to continue to work forty hours a week when I could make the same amount of money in ten hours.”

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She continued: “Would that not be stupid? Would that not be dumb? I posted a video talking about how I didn’t wanna work 40 hours a week at my full-time job anymore. And a bunch of people commented that I was lazy, entitled.”

Mik goes on to say that those comments are most likely from boomers who seem to share the same ideology that Gen Zers are lazy, lack work ethic, and are the “worst generation ever.” She disagrees, believing that her generation “just isn’t stupid.”

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Mik said that Gen Zs are much brighter than previous generations because they avoid working longer hours for a company, instead choosing to work fewer hours on their ventures.

She said: “We’re not stupid. We’re very money savvy, we’re good at making money online, and we’re good at working for ourselves. So why would we go and work for someone else for 40, 60, 80 hours a week to make the same amount that we could make for ourselves in like 10-30 hours a week?”

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Mik went on to talk about how little compensation she receives for working long hours. She said: “I worked a 10-hour shift this past weekend because I’m still finishing up at my job that I resigned from. And the whole time I was working, all I could think is I could make the same amount of money I’m gonna make here in 10 hours in like 2 hours at home.”

She did not specify how she would make the same amount of money working at home. Neither did she refer to the work tasks she meant in her video. However, in the comments section, she mentioned how she earns extra cash in response to a curious TikToker.

She wrote: “Petsitting, online personal assisting, and online marketing.”

Mik then praised how conscious her generation was of the value of their time. She said: “We know our time is valuable, so why would we trade our time in for less money? Why would I trade more of my time for less money? That would be stupid. So we’re not lazy, not entitled, just not stupid.”

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