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Americans Voice Concern About “Trickflation” Amid Rising Costs

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Brands relying on deceptive tactics is nothing new, but it’s becoming increasingly troublesome for Americans struggling with rising costs of living amid inflation and credit card crunch use is increasing.

One Reddit user recently used the social media platform to highlight how brands are using shady tactics to charge consumers more, using the deceptive technique of “inflation Cheat.”

A post uploaded by u/inasimplerhyme to the r/mildlyinfuriating subreddit in March included a photo showing two cans of Coca-Cola containing the same amount of the drink despite looking very different.

Below the can, the Reddit user wrote that the original, shorter can cost $1.05 while the new one costs $2.37, even though both cans contain the same amount of Coke.

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Many people then took to the comments section and pointed out that other brands are using similar tactics to attract more customers by giving them the idea that their products are the best value for money. Colgate tubes are always full and tight when first purchased.

About a quarter of the way through you hit that air sac bubble and you’ll squeeze the tube and feel it deflate and deflate and at the end, you’re holding a much flatter tube,” dbx99 Many people have also stated that brands are now paying marketing psychologists to research this issue, one wrote: “That’s true, the aim is to get people to use their products a lot more.

For example: tubes of toothpaste Have you ever noticed that the packaging says “a pea-sized amount” but the advertisement shows it is dispensed over the entire toothbrush?

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Well, they redesigned the tube tips to make them larger, which in turn increased the amount of toothpaste used, writes live4peedgt. In another TikTok post, Pete (@earlypete) took the popular video-sharing platform and compiled different tactics brands use to get people to pay more.

His list also includes Reddit posts.“The grocery industry thinks the average consumer has the intelligence of a 6-year-old child,” he notes.

People in the comments section are quite familiar with these scam methods. “Remember where they tell outright lies,” Westport wrote. I saw on TikTok that the package said 36 cookies, but when they counted it, it was 32. KC.Dude.

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While another highlighted the fact that taller cans are neither good for the planet nor cost-effective. Someone did the math on these cans. Tall cans use about 7% more aluminum than standard 355ml cans.

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Therefore, more expensive and more useless, Dominic Loi wrote. Meanwhile, some people showed appreciation for taller cans: I like taller, thinner cans. They fit better in my refrigerator because I have a lot of wasted vertical space, Lunatics wrote.

Coca-Cola cans seem to attract everyone’s attention, but not in a good way,  even employees at the warehouse rummage through them I work in a Coca-Cola distribution warehouse -Cola and we hate these new cans! But there is.

That’s exactly their intention, The_BenMiller wrote. Coco-Cola reports higher profits in Q4 with higher profits than expected, despite making fewer products, which is possible thanks to the price increase.

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