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Alex Trebek Never Had the Intentions of Picking a Replacement and Here Is Why

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“Jeopardy!” executive producer Mike Richards has disclosed that the late show host, Alex Trebek was reluctant to pick a replacement before his death.

As the world mourns the death of “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek, one pressing question remains on everyone’s lips. Who will replace the legendary game show host?

Before his death on Sunday, November 8, Trebek served as the show’s host for over three decades, beginning 1984. Therefore, it beats the imagination to picture the show without him. And even more so, to find someone who could host “Jeopardy!” with the same professionalism, charisma, and passion.

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Mike Richards, the executive producer of the renowned game show, shared his take on the issue during a sit-down with Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier. He revealed that the late icon never discussed a replacement before his death. Richards explained:

“He never mentioned names to us. He really wanted to be the host of the show while he was the host of the show.”

Due to his reluctance to discuss the matter and Trebek’s love for his job, they never brought it up with him. Instead, they let the star run the show until he was ready to retire. To their delight, his retirement never came. Trebek retained his position until his death at eighty, which Richards concluded was a blessing.


While Trebek shied away from discussing his retirement or replacement, the late “Jeopardy!” star did give a few hints. In his final days, the legend reportedly talked a lot about the qualities one must possess to host the iconic game show.

Richard recounted three of these attributes during his interview. According to him, the person needed to be someone who commands respect from the audience, has credibility, and is “believable in the role.”

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Trebek spent his final days on earth battling pancreatic cancer. Following his death, many expressed sadness over the loss, including notable figures and celebrities. In an exclusive statement, CBS president Steve LoCascio expressed his grief, saying:

“Not only was Alex a television icon, but he was one of the most genuine, kind, caring people you could ever know. The way he openly and bravely battled cancer while continuing to host the show was a true inspiration.”

The statement also reflected how the late star, who vowed to host the show even while undergoing treatment, had brought joy to many families through his work on “Jeopardy!”


Mike Richards exposé about the show’s replacement comes days after “Jeopardy!” honored the late host with an emotional tribute.

In the episode which aired a day after Trebek’s death, Richards opened with a touching tribute to the icon on behalf of “Jeopardy!”

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He recounted the legend’s contribution to the game show and how his death was a huge loss to the show and millions of fans. 

Richards also revealed the show’s plan to air Trebek’s final episodes through Christmas as a special obligation to the lost star, whose zeal and dedication can never be replicated.

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