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Offset Says Solo Tour Will Honor Takeoff, His Atlanta Soul

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Offset has concluded that hip-hop concerts are “slacking a little!” The former Migos rapper says artists often focus on “being cool” rather than offering the audience more than stage-pacing with a mic. Hence, for his first solo tour, the former Migos member and estranged husband of Cardi B promises fans a ball!

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The renowned rapper says he is unleashing his creativity and is determined to leave his audiences stunned. He wants fans “walking out and saying ‘Wow.'” He stated, “I want people to walk away feeling (they saw) something unexpected.” Born Kiari Cephus, Offset says he will unveil his show with lasers, lighting, and dancing. 

In addition, he says some “fire pieces” of merchandise he designed will be available at the opening of his “Set It Off” Tour. Although this will be his first headline tour, Offset is paying attention to the little details. He named the 17-date run after his lauded sophomore album, which dropped in October 2023.

The widely praised album features openers Skilla Baby, Sleazyworld Go, and YRN Mango Foo. According to the rapper, the month-long tour will hit cities including New York, Chicago, Dallas, and San Francisco. However, he promises to finish the tour stronger, wrapping up in his native Atlanta on April 10, 2024.

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In an interview with People, the 32-year-old rapper said he left rehearsal the previous morning after 3 a.m. He opened up about the rigorous training and rehearsals, noting his intent on perfecting every element of his show. It’s safe to say it’s the kind of work ethic he gleaned from some of his idols, particularly Michael Jackson.

“The King of Pop was a motivator because of his creative drive to push himself to higher limits,” Offset said. “He was never cool with standing in one position.” The renowned rapper added, “He did something so great for so long with (The Jackson 5), and he wanted to branch out and do different ventures and be even more successful for that.”

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While speaking about his icon, Offset discussed the effects of belonging to a music group. He acknowledged that existing in a group, as he did in Migos, made forging a solo identity challenging. Also, he noted that the choreography he’s injecting into his live shows is a departure from his past.

“As a kid, I danced,” he said. “But I stopped for a minute because it didn’t meet the aesthetic of Migos.” The rapper added, “This opens another book for me.” Before their split, the Migos’ transformative trap sound enlivened hip-hop for more than a decade.

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The then-music trio had songs like “Versace,” “Bad and Boujee,” and “Walk It Talk It” among their litany of hits. However, their split came unexpectedly, sparking controversy. Although the trio, Offset, Takeoff, and Quavo, had gone their separate ways, Offset said Takeoff’s tragic death dealt him a huge blow.

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Hence, Offset said his concert will include a tribute to Takeoff, who died from a gunshot in November 2022. While relishing his tour, Offset hinted at “cooking up” some new music and the next album.

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