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Supreme Court Justices Gorsuch, Thomas, Barrett, and Kavanaugh Sign Dobbs Opinion Without Revision

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For the past five decades in the US, women enjoyed the privilege of having an abortion under the right circumstances. However, times are changing. Three Supreme Court justices just signed a draft of the opinion that will remove the federal right to abortion.

According to reports, Samuel Alito, the author of the opinion in Dobbs v Jackson, the case that led to the dismissal of Roe v Wade, distributed his draft at 11.16 am on February 10, 2022.

One Times report shed more light on the whole process. “After a justice shares an opinion inside the court, other members scrutinize it. Those in the majority can request revisions, sometimes as the price of their votes, sweating sentences, or even words.”

The above stands true. However, when Gorsuch, Thomas, Barrett, and Kavanaugh saw Alito’s work, they said they jumped at the chance to sign it unedited. 

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Gorsuch’s reply to Alito took only ten minutes after receiving the document and had no revisions. Thomas and Barrett also offered no revisions, responding the following day. Kavanaugh took the longest to reply. His response was a few days later.  

Caroline Ciccone, president of the watchdog group Accountable.US, said: “These revelations offer yet another example of the current Supreme Court plowing through usual guardrails and tossing precedent aside to deliver an extreme decision ultimately impacting millions of Americans.”

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Alito’s draft was leaked and made public on May 2, 2023. The leak came a few months before the high court was expected to announce its decisions following arguments season.

Critics suspect that the leak might have come from the right as a way to secure votes. Alito has complained that the leak made rightwingers on the court “targets of assassination.” But he has also said the leaker was not a conservative and seemed to have a “pretty good idea” who it was.

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Justices Stephen Breyer, Elena Kagan, and Sonya Sotomayor dissented from the Dobbs opinion, and Chief Justice John Roberts filed a concurring opinion.

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Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the topic of abortion has become a hotly discussed issue across the country. At this time, 13 states have instituted almost complete bans on the procedure, forcing some women to seek abortions out of state.

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