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Critics Have a Field Day as Democratic DC Mayor Appears Clueless About Where Her City’s Metro Lines Go

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Democrat Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser came under a lot of fire by critics last week. She seemed to have been clueless about the routes of her own city’s Metro. The incident occurred during a press conference last Wednesday.

Mayor Muriel Bowser giving a speech
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During the press conference, Bowser commented about the current state of Virginia traffic. It was all part of her efforts to ensure that the Washington Wizards and Capitals, the city’s iconic basketball and hockey teams, don’t move from the state.

“I’m the D.C. mayor. I’m not an expert on their crime, but that traffic is notorious. So people know about it. And, I think—which lines go to that station?” Bower said, referring to the new Potomac Yards Metro station in Alexandria, Virginia. This is close to the site of the proposed arena for the teams. “Blue and yellow,” someone answered. 

Mayor Bowser repeated, “Blue and yellow.” She then tried to name the Metro lines that run to Gallery Place. Gallery Place is the metro station that connects to Capitol One Arena, where both teams currently play in D.C.

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“So, every line goes to Gallery Place, right? Red, blue, orange and yellow. Yellow? And green. Is that right? I think that’s right,” Bowser said, seemingly clueless. However, the red, green, and yellow lines are the only ones that run through Gallery Place. The yellow and blue lines run through Alexandria’s Potomac Yards station.

Almost immediately as she made her speech, critics from both sides of the political divide pounced on her for her “embarrassing” comments. Some critics even expressed doubts about her ever riding the Metro.

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“You gotta be kidding me…” Republican strategist John Burke wrote, while Jason Johnson, communications director for Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz., wrote, “Our city leadership is an absolute embarrassment.”

Also, communications director for Rep. Eric Sorensen, D-III., Thomas Falcigno was doubtful about the last time Bowser was on the Metro. According to Doug Stafford, the chief strategist for Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., the city leadership is a “clown show.” “Of course, she doesn’t. . . . She rides around in black cars with private security while the city burns,” Daily Caller reporter Henry Rodgers wrote.

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Republican Virginia Gov. Gleen Youngkin announced last Wednesday that the Washington state teams would be relocating from D.C. Their new home is set to be a new $2 billion “world-class” entertainment complex in Alexandria. The teams are set to move out of D.C. amid spiking crime rates in the city.

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