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California Mail Carrier Fights Back After a Man Assaulted Him Unprovoked

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California Mail Carrier Attacked by an Unidentified Man
Source: 75MillionSmarter/YouTube

Generally speaking, interactions between mail carriers and the public are usually positive. However, there are occasional cases where mail carriers may encounter hostility or violence, but these cases are rare. In this present case, a mail carrier in Southern California was viciously attacked by another man unprovoked while delivering mail. 

But instead of giving up, he bravely fought back. The mail carrier, later identified as Bruce, was captured on home surveillance video by Gardena. In the footage obtained by FOX11 Los Angeles, he’s seen walking down a driveway while a man waits for him near the street. 

The unidentified man approached the mail carrier and said things to him as the carrier tried to walk past him. The man even pretended to throw a punch at the carrier as he passed by. But instead of reacting, the mail carrier turned away and kept walking. 

Next thing, the video captured the man following him and hitting him in the back of the head. This unexpected blow caused the mail carrier to drop some mail on the street. The mail carrier tried to defend himself against the man, but the attacker kept hitting him in the head. 

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Eventually, the attacker slammed the mail carrier to the ground and continued punching him. “I did fear for my life. After that, I pretty much defended myself as much as I could.” Bruce told a new outlet after the horrific incident. 

However, it’s not sure whether the mail carrier sustained any injuries during the incident. The Los Angeles Police Department has confirmed that they are investigating the reported assault. But, at this time, there are no details regarding the suspect.

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It is essential to state that assaulting a mail carrier can carry serious legal consequences. Under federal law, such offenses can lead to huge penalties, including a 10-year sentence for a first offense. Repeated offenders may face even harsher consequences, with the potential for up to 25 years behind bars.

Out of fear of punishment at work, Bruce chose not to appear on camera when speaking with FOX 11 on Thursday. He also preferred not to disclose his last name. Thursday afternoon, the U.S. Postal Service had not filed federal charges against the attacker.

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“I don’t feel like I’m being protected,” said Bruce. “I want them to hold him to the fullest extent of the law on federal charges.” On Thursday, a group of neighbors in the Gardena neighborhood gathered to support Bruce.

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According to the neighbors, the attacker is a familiar settler who has been living in a vacant home listed for sale. “We have high-definition video footage of the incident happening,” said Garret Rodriguez, a neighbor. “We have the suspect’s name. The postal service told us they’re still reviewing it; it may look like a mutual fight. That doesn’t make sense.”

“Something needs to be done for Bruce and other mailmen who deliver,” said Derek Martin. “Bruce had fewer rights, according to his employer, than the average person walking down the street. If a mail carrier can carry pepper spray to defend themselves from a dog, why can’t he protect himself from someone who is sucker punching him in the back of the head?”

However, Patricia Mendoza, a Postal Inspector, told FOX 11 that the attacker has been arrested and is waiting for federal prosecution.

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