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HomeNewsPolice Arrest Male California Nurse Accused of Sexually Assaulting Unconscious Patient

Police Arrest Male California Nurse Accused of Sexually Assaulting Unconscious Patient

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Police Arrest Male California Nurse Accused of Sexually Assaulting Unconscious Patient
Source: MSN

Jacob Daniel Hartman, a male nurse in California, has been accused of sexually assaulting an unconscious patient under his care. Due to the severity of the allegations, the police immediately arrested and booked him at the Robert Presley Detention Center. His bail was set at $55,000 and they have freed him since he was able to make it. 

Reports did not indicate the name or the age of the woman he assaulted, but they charged him with sexual assault, including the sexual battery of an unconscious person. This incident occurred at the Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Riverside, the Riverside Police Department said in a statement. 

The hospital is about 40 miles east of Downtown Los Angeles and is a hot spot for people. The report also states that the victim was admitted to the hospital in the middle of January for several days. During this time, Hartman allegedly assaulted her sexually. 

However, many believe this is not his first victim. In fact, there are ongoing investigations to determine if he has done this before to unconscious patients in the hospital. “Given the nature of these crimes, SACA (Child Abuse Unit) Detectives believe there may be other victims who have not come forward yet,” the police said in their statement.

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They also shared a statement Kaiser Permanente Hospital issued regarding Hartman’s employment at their facility. “At Kaiser Permanente, safe and high-quality care are always our top priorities,” the statement reads. 

“As soon as we learned of this serious accusation, we immediately cooperated with law enforcement and started an internal investigation. At this time, the individual is no longer employed by Kaiser Permanente.”

They are also asking people with additional information to come forward to aid their case against Hartman. According to the directions the police gave, anyone with information should email Detective Daniel Suarez at [email protected] or call 951 353-7120. One can choose to do this anonymously or publicly. 

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27-year-old Hartman is currently under serious investigation, and the police are trying to get to the root of the matter. However, stories like these are not uncommon these days. A similar incident happened in January 2024 in a Colorado hospital. 

A male nurse allegedly recorded himself assaulting unconscious female patients. Following his arrest, the hospital fired him from his job. Earlier this year, police convicted another community nurse Steve Hicks of sexually assaulting an elderly woman after making an unscheduled visit to her place in January 2022. 

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Therefore, news like this is becoming more and more frequent as time goes on. This is quite scary to the general public, as there are a good number of male nurses in practice. People are now more scared than ever to have male nurses attend to them or their loved ones. 

Without a doubt, women do not feel safe in hospitals of all places. Hartman will face trial when they complete investigations. In addition, he will face the full wrath of the law if they find him guilty. 

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