Thursday, May 23, 2024
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YouTube Star Ms. Rachel Set To Release First Picture Book To “Connect” With Young Readers

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Ms. Rachel, the famous YouTube children’s educator, will release her debut picture book. The renowned teacher is ready to connect with her little ones in a new way. The book release is part of a brand-new partnership with Random House Books for Young Readers.

A picture of Ms. Rachel
Source: Ms.Rachel/YouTube

The book will continue her teachings on YouTube and TikTok, which promotes language development in children with speech delay. The YouTube star, whose real name is Rachel Griffin Accurso, said on “Good Morning America” on Tuesday, March 5, 2024. 

She revealed that she will release her “first-ever picture book” for “young readers and their families” in September. “I am thrilled to announce my first-ever picture book for young readers and their families,” the social media star said. “It is truly a privilege to be able to teach,” she added while announcing the partnership.

“And connect with children not just through YouTube but also through books and the enduring magic of storytime.” The new book, created in partnership with Random House Books for Young Readers, has a colorful cover and a unique title.

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Her debut book is “Ms. Rachel and the Special Surprise!: Encouraging Speech and Learning Through Play and Music.” The book will hit shelves on September 24, 2024. According to reports, pictures of the new toddler page-turner come from illustrator Monique Dong.

Ms. Rachel says the book will continue her teachings on YouTube and TikTok, where she has garnered more than 11 million followers. In addition, it will promote language development in children with speech delays.

According to reports, Ms. Rachel started creating the videos after struggling to find help for her son, who also had trouble with his speech. She first hit it big on YouTube in 2019 with her cheery “Songs for Littles.”

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Afterward, she created videos that are a 50-50 mix of classic kids’ songs and original works. The songs help kids learn communication skills. Her YouTube music channel, which she produces with the help of her husband, has skyrocketed in popularity.

As a result, Ms. Rachel has garnered millions of followers across her various social media platforms. Furthermore, the online educator has dual master’s degrees in early childhood development and music education. “

Ms. Rachel’s debut into the world of publishing is magical,” said Barbara Marcus, president and publisher of Random House Books. “She has captivated children’s hearts far and wide with her original songs and stories,” Marcus added.

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“We are thrilled to support Ms. Rachel’s new world of imagination and joy for years.” The new picture book will feature Ms. Rachel in her classic pink shirt outfit, overalls, and matching headband, as illustrated by Dong.

Furthermore, the book will present children with familiar characters and music from the popular channel. Ms. Rachel will also employ call and response and pointing to guide readers through exercises. In partnership with Spin Master, developmental toys like Ms. Rachel’s Surprise Learning Box can be purchased alongside the book.

“Coupling these engaging toys with the new picture book will create an enriching learning experience for children,” the press release noted. “By providing opportunities to develop sensory, motor, cognitive, social/emotional, and communication skills.” 

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