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Home Entertainment ‘I Know What I Didn’t Want’ — Inside Ciara and Russell Wilson’s Love Story

‘I Know What I Didn’t Want’ — Inside Ciara and Russell Wilson’s Love Story

‘I Know What I Didn’t Want’ — Inside Ciara and Russell Wilson’s Love Story

Ciara and Russell Wilson have been together for four years, during which time they’ve easily become one of the most enviable couples. 

Singer, dancer and model, Ciara Princess Wilson married American football star, Russell Wilson, in 2016. Their bigger-than-life relationship has stood the test of time for much longer, with the pair debuting their love story in 2015.

Together, the two are parents to two children, welcoming their younger in July 2020. Before hooking up with Russell, however, Ciara sustained a long-term relationship with rapper, Future, with whom she shares a son, Zahir Wilburn. Ciara and Future called it quits in 2014, following the rapper’s rumored infidelity. 

The songstress was left to pick up the broken pieces of her heart and start her life anew. It was at this point that Russell Wilson showed up and swept her off her feet. Today, they have become the typical America’s sweethearts.

So how exactly did the iconic singer go from being a heartbroken single mom to a mother of three, and wife of the pro football player? 


Ciara and Russell Wilson first met on March 29, 2015, during a University of Wisconsin basketball game. After running into each other, the sweethearts-to-be began a conversation that lasted long enough for Russell to figure out how to ask the music icon out to dinner. He eventually did.

The pro footballer fixed the dinner date for 9:30 p.m. because he had an earlier pre-scheduled engagement with a group of friends. The time didn’t work for Ciara, prompting her to decline. However, the dauntless athlete shifted his other commitment forward to make his appointment with Ciara more favorable.

They hooked up that evening, but never honored that diner date. Instead, Russell and Ciara ended up chatting all evening, enjoying each other’s company. When reality dawned on them, it was already midnight and too late to honor either of the appointments.


Their first night-out marked the start of something unique that would eventually lead down the aisle. They saw more of each other in the days that followed until they officially became an item.

They made their first public appearance as a couple at the star-studded White House Japanese state dinner in April 2015. As their relationship progressed at the speed of light, the two decided to remain celibate until their wedding. Speaking on the decision, Russel affirmed that God gave him the directive in a moment of clarity, asking him to lead the singer.


After one year as a couple, Russell Wilson asked Ciara to be his wife. Russell planned the surprise engagement in a private beach in Seychelles in March 2016. Russell took to Instagram to publicly disclose to the world that “she said yes!”


Four months after their engagement, the lovebirds sealed their union with a glamorous wedding at Peckforton Castle in Liverpool. Family, friends, and some famous personalities graced the ceremony.

Russell Wilson’s wife donned a custom Roberto Cavalli gown paired with Giuseppe Zanotti shoes for the occasion. Ciara’s husband kept it anything but simple in a black-and-white tux.


The love pair wasted no time starting a family. In April 2017, nine months after their marriage, the two welcomed their first child, a daughter. Shortly after the baby’s birth, Ciara took to Instagram to share the big news, revealing her daughter’s name as Sienna Princess Wilson.

They welcomed their second child, and Ciara’s third on July 23, 2020. Taking to Instagram, the songstress officially welcomed their baby boy, Win Harrison Wilson, with a video of herself singing “happy birthday” to the newborn.


Ciara Wilson has been open about sustaining her relationship with Russell, and how she knew she made the right pick. Admittedly, she was in a wrong spot when she met the football quarterback, recovering from a painful breakup, and navigating single motherhood.

Having grown up with both parents, the entertainment icon knew what love should feel like watching her parents together. Although she went through moments of doubts and seeming failure that could have pushed her into an unhealthy situation over and over again, Ciara realized in time that she needed to start making different decisions.

Therefore, when she opened up herself to love again, clueless of what to expect, she at least knew what she didn’t want for herself or her son. She once divulged:

“Knowing what you don’t want is really important. That’s more than half the battle.”

Remarkably, letting Russell into her heart turned out a blessing. The 31-year-old athlete, who embraced 6-year-old Zahir wholeheartedly since joining their lives, has proven himself the best stepfather.


Sustaining a love life is only half the deal in maintaining a happy family. The other aspect involves consciously striving to keep the love growing stronger. With the perfect partner, Russell, it’s been a natural process. Thanks to the NFL star’s presence in her life, Ciara’s kids now enjoy the love she grew up knowing, and more.

On how they have remained the ultimate sweethearts after half a decade, Russell disclosed that landing a woman who could help him level up was key. They also believe every woman needed a consistent man in her life to make it work.

Clearly, that approach has worked in their favor over the years, as evident in their perfect family of five.