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HomeNewsHunter Biden Requests a New Trial in His Federal Gun Case 

Hunter Biden Requests a New Trial in His Federal Gun Case 

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Hunter Biden has requested a retrial for his federal firearm charges. He argued that procedural errors affected the fairness of his early June trial, which resulted in a guilty verdict. According to Biden’s legal team, the court lacked proper jurisdiction over his case due to pending appeals he had filed.

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They argue that the conviction should be overturned because, while the appeals court had been dismissed before the trial commenced, it had not yet issued a “mandate.” As you may know, the mandate is a procedural step that formally informs a lower court of an appellate court’s decision. Let’s get into the details of his request.

Jurisdictional Dispute in Hunter Biden’s Federal Gun Case

Hunter Biden’s legal team has argued that the trial court lacked jurisdiction when it proceeded with his trial on June 3, 2024. This is because the Third Circuit Court had not issued a mandate regarding the dismissal of his appeals. They claim that without this procedural notification, the court does not have the authority to convene a jury or move forward with the trial.

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The trial judge, US District Judge Maryellen Noreika, asserted that Biden’s appeals would not remove the court’s jurisdiction. However, his lawyers still maintain that the absence of the mandate rendered the trial proceedings invalid.

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While they could not initially seek a new trial on June 17, they retracted their request shortly afterward. They continue to argue that the lack of proper procedural steps ruins the legitimacy of the prosecution and the resulting guilty verdict.

Legal Battles Intensify for Hunter Biden

Besides seeking a retrial for his federal gun charges, Hunter Biden filed a lawsuit against Fox News and its parent corporation. He claims the network defamed and illegally circulated his explicit images. He alleged they did all these without his consent in a 2022 miniseries about his legal issues.

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Furthermore, the lawsuit claims that Fox News engaged in unjust enrichment. He added that the outlet intentionally inflicted emotional distress and violated New York civil rights laws. This legal action comes after Hunter Biden’s warning in April that he would sue if the network did not issue immediate retractions and corrections. 

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The six-part miniseries, “The Trial of Hunter Biden,” was featured on the Fox Nation digital streaming platform and promoted on the Fox News cable channel. It included a dramatized “mock trial” focusing on Hunter Biden’s overseas financial activities.

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The said activities contributed to his federal tax indictment. Additionally, it fueled House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry into his father. Fast forward to late April, Fox News removed the miniseries, a day after he threatened legal action.

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However, the lawsuit asserts that promotional content for the series remains on some Fox News-affiliated social media pages. Moreover, some episodes continue to circulate online and in the public domain.

More Details About Hunter Biden’s Lawsuit Against Fox News

A spokesperson for Fox News described the lawsuit as “baseless and politically driven.” They further asserted that the network is ready to defend its rights in court. Apparently, Hunter Biden did not raise any complaints about the 2022 streaming program until April 2024.

Moreover, they removed the program shortly after his legal team’s letter as a precaution. Fox News emphasized that Hunter Biden is a public figure involved in multiple investigations and, now, a convicted felon.

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Hunter Biden
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However, Hunter Biden’s lawsuit alleges that Fox News targeted him to harass, alarm, and humiliate him, damaging his reputation. He is seeking punitive damages, profits gained from the miniseries, and other corrective actions. 

His legal team contends that the miniseries is a fictionalized account designed for commercial gain, exploiting his name and image without his consent. They argue that Fox News unlawfully published intimate images of Hunter Biden from his infamous laptop. Moreover, they believe allies of former President Donald Trump had a hand in it.

Despite his conviction on federal gun charges, Hunter Biden has no bribery or foreign lobbying charges. These allegations are central to Fox’s “mock trial” series. Let’s see where his legal efforts lead. Hopefully, he will be able to challenge what he perceives as procedural and ethical violations in the courtroom and the media.

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