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Céline Dion Opens Up About Late Husband’s Struggle With Cancer

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If you are unfamiliar with the name Céline Dion, then I’d start believing in aliens. Because how will you not know a legendary singer? It’s rare to find who doesn’t know her! Céline Dion is an iconic pop star who has swept many with her music and performances.

Dion and Angélil
Source: Pinterest

Dion has established herself as one of history’s most successful recording artists. Sadly, throughout her career, she has faced personal trials that have shaped her as a person and an artist. 

One of these sad phases was when she lost her longtime partner, René Angélil, to cancer in 2016. That time of her life felt like her world had crumbled, as Angélil had been her support and closest friend.

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Céline Dion’s Rise to Stardom 

Before talking about Dion’s relationship with Angélil, let’s have a sneak peek at her fame. Céline Dion rose to international stardom in the 1980s. At that time, she was topping every chart with hits like “The Power of Love,” “Because You Loved Me,” and the timeless anthem “My Heart Will Go On.”

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But despite this fame, Dion often notified her audiences that she didn’t deserve the credit. Instead, all accolades should go to the most important figure in her life. Dion and Angélil’s relationship is one of the most celebrated love stories in the entertainment industry. 

Dion and Angélil
Source: Pinterest

Their love story started when Dion was just a young girl. Speaking about their early connection, she explained that she met Angelil when she was twelve. It wasn’t a romantic relationship at that time, but the respect and affection were there. 

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Just so you know, Angélil was the brain behind Dion’s transition from a talented and unknown French-Canadian singer into a global superstar. 

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René Angélil’s Role in Céline Dion’s Career

As previously mentioned, Dion never hid the fact that she neither wrote her songs nor knew how to read music or play an instrument. Luckily, she had the best manager who introduced her to the best people in the industry. 

Dion and Angélil
Source: Pinterest

Her husband’s guidance and belief in her talent drove her to success in the music world. Dion was pretty young when she became Angelil’s girlfriend, a major reason she initially kept her relationship discreet to avoid public scrutiny over their 26-year age gap. 

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Despite facing public scrutiny and challenges due to their age difference, the duo remained committed to each other. When Dion reached an age where she could publicly declare her love, she came out wholeheartedly, emphasizing that love always wins. 

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More Details About Céline Dion’s love story with René Angélil

Céline Dion’s relationship with René Angélil is not just about romance but mutual respect and constant support. Their personal and professional partnership greatly influenced Dion’s life and career, making her one of the world’s most cherished artists. 

Dion and Angélil
Source: Pinterest

Working closely together, they gradually made her voice a global phenomenon. Their relationship, built on shared goals and deep affection, grew into marriage in 1994, followed by the joys of parenthood.

In 2001, the couple welcomed their first child, René-Charles Angélil. Speaking about her son, she has often discussed their special bond. She usually refers to René-Charles as her “miracle child.”

In fact, she fondly remembers breastfeeding him for a year and has praised his intelligence and natural aptitude for numbers, traits he inherited from his father. To this day, Dion explains that her life is centered around being a mom. 

She is so dedicated to nurturing and guiding her son. Her primary aim is to impart her values to ensure he grows up to be a happy and responsible individual. As René-Charles matures, Dion is proud of his personal growth and development while maintaining a solid mother-son bond.

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