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Man Arrested After Authorities Discovered Body of 31-Year-Old New York Woman Stuffed in Garbage Bags on Sidewalk

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An angry mob is terrible news, but an angry mob acting on what they believe is righteous anger is worse. The 50-year-old person of interest in a homicide case involving a 31-year-old New York woman found that out the hard way.

The late woman’s name is Yazmeen Williams, and her murder did not become public knowledge until recently. Cops found her body inside a sleeping bag wrapped in black trash bags. The bags were left carelessly on a sidewalk on East 27th Street in New York City for trash pickup.

Unfortunately, the body was already decomposing, letting out a foul smell that forced people to report it to the police. An autopsy of Williams’ body revealed she died from a gunshot wound to the head.

This, and how they found her, is why the authorities think the case is a homicide. They wasted no time trying to unravel the mystery, and the first question they had was how the body got there. 

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Surveillance footage of the surrounding area reportedly showed a person in an electric wheelchair pulling the sleeping bag with them. It did not take long for an arrest to follow. According to one news report, neighbors found him first and restrained him until the cops arrived. 

The arrest happened on Monday, July 8, 2024, in the Straus Houses area. Fox 5 New York has revealed footage that captured the chaotic scene. It saw the police escorting the man, who is in his 50s, as they and paramedics tried to keep the crowd away.

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However, despite their best efforts, the crowd rained down their fury on him. There were well-timed punches, spitting, and a whole lot of insults aimed at the man as he lay on a stretcher. Nobody, not even the police, has confirmed the man’s connection to the gruesome homicide.

However, the late woman’s mother purely believes that the man is guilty of her demise. She has broken her silence on the case and has accused the man, still just a person of interest in the eyes of the law, of murder.

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The aggrieved mother, Nicole Williams, called him “disgusting” and noted that “he looks like scum.” It is profiling, but who can blame her? Grief does things to people, so it is understandable. Nicole also defended those who put their hands on the man during the arrest.

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According to her, they were just angry about what the man allegedly did and how he got rid of the body nonchalantly. She said the whole community was upset because “she didn’t deserve that.” Investigations are still ongoing, and charges against the man are pending.

However, there is little doubt that the killer will get away as the truth always comes to light.

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