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Karen & Deon Derrico Divorce After Moving to Their Dream House 

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The conclusion of “Doubling Down With the Derricos,” Season 5, was too emotional. On the final show, Karen and Deon Derrico celebrated a massive milestone by moving their 14 children into their long-awaited dream home in Las Vegas. This happy moment came after a season filled with challenges and delays that tested the family’s resilience.

Karen & Deon Derrico
Source: tlctv/ YouTube

But recent developments have overshadowed it, as Karen and Deon have since divorced. The strains of their delayed relocation and other pressures ultimately took a toll on their relationship, leading to their separation months before this episode was broadcast. Let’s get the full gist.

The Derricos’ Journey

During a confessional, Deon expressed gratitude for finally moving into their new home despite the problems the strain had caused. He noted that he hoped they had left their tough times behind, but sadly, the subsequent events proved otherwise. 

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A Picture of the Derricos
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According to reports, a judge finalized Karen and Deon’s divorce early last month. The couple filed for divorce on June 4 and received the judgment two days later, on June 6. They agreed to share the legal and physical custody of their 13 minor children equally. 

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Financial Adjustments for the Derricos

According to court documents obtained, Deon will contribute $1,166 monthly in child support. Karen, on the other hand, won’t be paying any child support, as she is responsible for the children’s medical insurance costs.

Karen & Deon Derrico
Source: Pinterest

Fans of “Doubling Down With the Derricos” have witnessed the growing tension in Deon and Karen’s relationship in recent weeks. One notable episode featured a heated argument about the state of their disorganized home. The show gives us a glimpse into the lives of the Derricos. One recurring question is how the former couple have 14 children. While that is a lot, the children include sets of quintuplets, triplets, twins, and other pregnancies. 

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Home Renovation Struggles and Relationship Strain

In the months before their divorce, Deon and Karren Derrico openly discussed their challenges in finding common ground regarding their new home. On the July 2 season finale of the show, the former couple discussed some of the difficulties they had during the renovation and preparation of their new house for the large family. With construction finally completed and new carpeting installed, Deon and Karen visited a hardware store to choose paint samples for their children’s classroom. During this outing, they shared with the cameras how the moving process had impacted their relationship.

Karen & Deon Derrico
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Karen admitted that the past few months had been tough for everyone, especially for her and Deon, as they struggled to align their views throughout the home renovation. However, she expressed hope, saying they were starting to communicate better and see things from each other’s perspectives. Karen emphasized the importance of working together to keep their family strong and resilient through any challenges, a state Deon also agreed with by nodding.

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The Challenges Faced by the Derricos

As the Derrico family packed up their belongings and prepared to leave their old home, they took a moment to reminisce about the happy memories created there. Their older children carried out the final boxes, and Karen reflected on how the move had highlighted their differences but ultimately strengthened their teamwork. In the same episode, Deon unveiled their new home to their children. The kids eagerly explored every corner of the house before gathering around the dinner table for their first meal in the new space. 

A Picture of Karen and Deon Derrico
Source: Pinterest

Despite their frustrations during the process, Karen and Deon looked back on how they overcame their challenges together, which fans love for them. Karen shared that enduring the difficulties of the move made their family stronger. She likened their journey to walking through a storm to find a rainbow on the other side. 

Deon agreed to her statements, showing that he was proud of their large family, and emphasized that family bonds remain unchanged. However, the episode ended with a title card revealing that Karen and Deon decided to separate a few months after the move. As mentioned earlier, the couple filed for divorce on June 4, and it was finalized two days later. They also agreed to share legal and physical custody of their 13 minor children, marking the end of their journey as a married couple but continuing their commitment as co-parents.

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