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Florida Man Guns Down Three Women in Alleged “Killing Spree”

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A picture of Rick Wells with a photograph of Javontee Brice.

According to reports by Florida authorities, a suspect who went on a killing rampage is dead. The man had previously been involved in different shootings that resulted in the deaths of 3 women. His victims were his mother, his cousin, and his former girlfriend’s new partner.

On Monday, June 24, 2024, Javontee Brice appeared at his sister and ex-girlfriend’s home in Palmetto, Florida. Although the shooting took place later that night, Brice had told his former girlfriend of his intention to kill her. However, at the time, his sister was able to persuade him out of his plan to shoot her.

According to Rick Wells, the Manatee County Sheriff, Brice’s sister had told the police that he was acting weird. According to Wells, after leaving Palmetto, he drove to a motel in Bradenton, where his mother was staying. When he arrived around 9:15 pm on June 24, 2024, he met his mother, her boyfriend, and two younger sisters. 

He spoke with his mother, telling her he was sorry, which prompted her to ask him why he was apologizing. Brice didn’t respond and proceeded to speak to her three times in front of his siblings and his mother’s boyfriend.

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Subsequently, after shooting his mother, Brice was driven to a cookout in Palmetto, where his cousin was. At around 9:40 pm, when his cousin was about to leave her car, Brice fatally shot her. His 29-year-old cousin survived the shooting, although she passed away an hour later.

Brice had driven back to Bradenton to another ex-girlfriend’s apartment, arriving at the location at around 10 pm. Brice had met his ex-girlfriend’s new partner and shot her. Subsequently, the sheriff’s department sent a statewide notice with details of his vehicle and the urgency of the notice. 

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Consequently, the notice led the police to trace the vehicle to Hamilton County and close the state’s borders. According to the police, there were reports of another ex-girlfriend of Brice who resides in Georgia. At around 1:30 in the morning of Tuesday, June 25, 2024, the police found Brice.

Brice got out of the vehicle and immediately started shooting at the police officers. Police returned fire and ignited a gunfight which led to Brice’s death. At the time of the shoot-out, Briced was in the vehicle with another woman. The woman was subsequently brought in for questioning. 

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Wells stated that the police had no idea about the nature of the woman’s relationship with Brice. According to Wells, the deaths of his mother and cousin have broken Brice’s family. However, detectives are attempting to speak with his family members to get a background check on Brice. 

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Wells stated that Brice appeared to be motivated and had a well-thought-out plan. He said that Brice had a target list in his head and had no problem finding his victim. “We’re not sure what enraged this man. The sheriff said, “We don’t know why he decided to kill his loved ones. “We’re going to keep looking; we might never find out.”

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