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Hunter Biden Steps Out With Wife on Date Few Days After Conviction

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Hunter Biden seems unbothered about being convicted of a felony in his federal gun case on June 11. Days after his conviction, he was seen at an Italian restaurant in West Hollywood with his wife. He looked so carefree as if he wasn’t going to spend a long time in jail.

Hunter Biden
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Even though Hunter looked chill, his wife, Melissa Cohen, was the absolute opposite. Cohen looked serious. We can’t blame her for that because her husband is about to be put behind bars. Aside from Hunter looking unbothered about his legal situation, he dressed differently than his usual full suit.

Hunter Biden’s Charges

Hunter Biden has been convicted for the use of federal firearms. He got his first two charges because he lied about using drugs on a federal background check form. The third charge is for having a gun in his possession while he was addicted to illegal drugs. Hunter would likely be sentenced to 25 years in prison and a fine of about $750,000. However, his sentence will be reduced since he is a first-time offender. After Hunter was convicted, his father, President Joe Biden, was seen hugging him.

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A picture of Hunter and wife
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According to President Biden, he’s proud that his son is no longer addicted to drugs. He stated that he would respect the outcome of the verdict. The president also said that although he is a president, he is also a dad. So, he and his wife would “love their son, and they are proud of the man he has become.” On the other hand, Hunter said he is “exceptionally grateful for the support and love he’s getting from his family more than he is disappointed by the outcome of the verdict.” Furthermore, his attorney said they’d actively pursue all the legal challenges.

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Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Seeks for Appeal

Hunter’s attorney is putting in all the effort to appeal his verdict. However, it’s unsure what grounds the appeal will be made on. Before the trial, Hunter had different unsuccessful challenges to the case.

A picture of hunter's lawyer
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So, currently, we can’t really attest to the fact that his appeal will be successful. Hunter Biden’s legal team has questioned the legitimacy of the gun law in question. They cited a recent Supreme Court ruling that has significantly impacted firearm legislation nationwide. Also, Hunter’s lawyers argued that he was prosecuted for political purposes and not for having a gun with him while addicted. They claimed that some prosecutors have decided to stick with stating that he was prosecuted for political purposes.

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Is President Biden Planning To Pardon His Son?

On June 11, President Joe Biden stated that he would accept the court’s verdict over his son’s legal situation and that he wouldn’t pardon his son. This response differs from that of the former president, Donald Trump, who denounced the system as biased after he was convicted of 34 felony charges in New York.

A picture of president Biden hugging Hunter
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The former president, Trump, was charged with a scheme that aimed to influence the 2016 election illegally. Trump’s way of influencing the election was through paying an adult film actress, Stormy Daniels, a sum of money. During one of the trials, it became public that Trump and Daniels have had a history. However, Trump has denied any involvement in the scheme.

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Trump Says the Justice System Is Biased

The former president is parading himself as a victim of a justice system that’s politically motivated. Trump claimed that the system is actually working to prevent him from having another term as president. An intelligent man, Trump used his pardon power to grow his allies, from Republican supporters charged with various criminal crimes to those whose cases received support from influential figures.

Hunter Biden smiling
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Furthermore, during his campaign, he called Hunter’s verdict a distraction from the main crimes that the Biden family has committed. Aside from Trump, his supporters have made statements against President Biden without evidence. One of their claims is that while President Biden was the vice president, he used his position to promote his family’s international business.

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