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‘An Encroachment of Woke Ideology’: GOP Lawmaker Blasts Christmas Tree Decorated by Satanic Temple 

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Christmas is hardly complete without Christmas trees. The idea of Christmas trees has lived with us for centuries. These trees have become one of the major attractions of the festive period, especially for children.

A Collage of the Satanic Tree and Congressman Mike Gallagher
Source: Nick_johnsn/X MessengerPol/X

Although there are a million ways to decorate the Christmas tree, the basics barely change. There is the usual tree topper, the ornaments, the ribbons, and, of course, the Christmas lights. 

But visitors to a Wisconsin museum were baffled to see a new and weird kind of Christmas tree. The tree was decorated by the Satanic Temple of Wisconsin and looked eerie and strange. 

The tree stood out from 65 other trees at Winsonsin’s National Railroad Museum at Ashwaubenon.

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Adorning the tree were lots of blood-red lighting and several strange items, such as the pentagram. The tree also had an ornament that read “Hail Santa” and a figure at the bottom that looked like a snake with demon eyes. 

All these symbols and ornaments drew the ire of Wisconsin’s republican congressman, Mike Gallagher. The lawmaker slammed the Museum for placing the tree in its collection. 

In the words of the disappointed congressman, “Conservatives are often accused of launching a culture war or focusing or fixating on cultural issues. But here is a perfect example of how that’s not what’s happening.” 

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Rep Gallagher described the tree display as an “encroachment of woke ideology or offensive upside down cultural propaganda.” 

The 39-year-old congressman, who has represented Wisconsin’s 8th District for the past seven years, also lamented the tree’s effect on children. “What’s happening is that we are just trying to defend basic traditions or defend our children amid these basic traditions,” he explained. 

During another interview, the congressman lamented that the Satanists had ruined what has always been a “cool, fun thing to take your kids to.” He went on to compare the incident to waving a Hamas flag in a Jewish synagogue. 

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The congressman wasn’t alone in condemning the tree. The matter also came up for deliberation during a Fox News panel discussion. The panelists alleged that they deliberately displayed the tree to cause provocation.

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Joey Jones, one of the contributors to the program, voiced his suspicion about the tree being a trap. “I believe in the First Amendment,” he began. “They are trying to bait you and attack them. Tell them they can put their tree there, so they can go sue you,” added. 

“They are organizations like that (which) exist under the guise of the First Amendment. You got to be smarter, you gotta see it coming, and you can’t give up things just because they show up,” he warned. 

Alicia Acuna, Fox News Senior Correspondent, also made a few striking comments. “You also have to think about parents who are now ending up in conversations that they didn’t expect because they were just going to see a bunch of Christmas trees,” she lamented. 

The Museum defended its actions, stating that they displayed the tree for educational purposes. Rep. Gallagher has fiercely derided this claim. Except the museum bows to pressure, the tree will remain on display till the last day of December. 

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