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Will Trump Be Criminally Convicted Before the General Elections?

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Former president Donald Trump is no stranger to courtrooms. In fact, he is almost always in one legal battle or another. Surprisingly, he usually comes out unscathed, but his luck may have just run out.

Donald Trump might be convicted before next year
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A former George W. Bush strategist, Matthew Dowd, sat with MSNBC on Tuesday to discuss Trump’s possible future. 

According to Dowd, Trump is likely looking at criminal conviction in at least one of his cases next year. This may happen after he secures his Presidential nomination but before he can formally accept it.

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The anchor, Joy Reid, started the interview by asking, “How bad is it going to get next year, in your view? I think it’s going to be rough, but Matthew, how bad do you think it’s going to get?” At first, Dowd made a joke out of the question, asking if Reid meant for him, her, or their fellow panelist, Barbara McQuade. 

Catching his humor, Reid laughed and said, “No, for the country. It’s hard for me to imagine having all of these things happening at once. How bad do you think it will get for the country?”

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Therefore, Dowd first replied with one word: “Awful.” “I don’t think we have ever seen this kind of convergence between a former president running for office again in the midst of multiple trials held simultaneously while he wins primaries and caucuses. The people running against him, Nikki Haley and whatever, I think what’s going to end up happening is he’s going to have momentum,” he continued. 

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“He’ll win Iowa, win New Hampshire, win South Carolina, and he’ll basically all but be the nominee, and basically be there, and then he’s going to get convicted before he goes to the RNC Convention in July. So he’ll be the nominee but be a convicted nominee in the midst of this,” he said. In addition, Dowd said the Republicans would be heading to a general election with a nominee who was convicted in at least one court. 

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This would not fare well for the party. The Republicans are one of the top parties in the United States. Their only major competitors are the Democrats in power right now with Joe Biden’s administration. Therefore, if a court covicts Trump, he would cause a massive setback for the Republicans. 

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“A convicted felon running for president under the Republican Party? I have never in my life seen a calendar that will unfold in that manner. But it will also be so weird while this is happening. Republican voters voting for him to be the nominee of the party as he’s a convict.”

Despite the high chance of this happening, the Republicans do not seem to have another preferred candidate. Although Trump is running against several candidates in the primary elections, it is clear that he is still their top pick. 

Therefore, there is a high probability that he will be the nominated candidate for the general elections in 2024. Now, it’s a waiting game as only time will tell how all the events will unfold. 

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