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Should Biden Follow Netherlands’ Anti-immigration Laws?

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The politics of the Netherlands was never a big priority for American citizens. However, several recent immigration developments will have significant effects on the U.S. and the European continent as a whole.

President Joe Biden might need to consider anti-immigration laws
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The previous Dutch coalition supported migrants fully but collapsed over several disagreements. 

Therefore, national elections were held on November 22nd, 2022. Surprisingly, the Party for Freedom (PVV) finished first with 23.6% of the total votes. This also raised its number of parliamentary seats from 17 to 37. Geert Wilders, a strong advocate for anti-immigrant policies, leads the PVV. 

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So, the party’s stance on immigration is unequivocal. The general public and Dutch voters also agree with Wilder’s point of view. In recent years, the immigration rate has skyrocketed and will affect citizens in the long run.

In 2022 alone, net immigration to the Netherlands rose to nearly 223,000. This number is also on track to increase further in 2023. 

The Netherlands is a small European country with a population of 17.5 million. Therefore, hundreds of thousands of people may seem small, but it is pretty significant for such a small country.

Forty-six thousand four hundred of these immigrants sought asylum in 2022, and more than 70,000 are estimated to do the same in 2023. 

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Without a doubt, this is a rising problem that will have severe consequences if left unchecked. Soon after Wilders got into power, he called for strict limits on overall immigration.

He also seeks to end the admission of asylum seekers into the Netherlands. According to him, the high immigration rate is the reason for the price increase and lack of affordable housing. Moreover, the public agrees and supports him in this. 

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Wilders is not the only European politician taking a stance against their immigration policy. In fact, the continent as a whole is battling an immigration crisis.

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Experts predict Europe will receive more than a million asylum applications this year. Many of these applicants are from Africa and the Middle East, raising many concerns for citizens. 

In countries like Italy and Hungary, their parties with strong anti-immigration rules rule the land. Sweden, Finland, and Slovakia’s political parties participate in governing coalitions supporting anti-immigration laws. 

Again, in France, the person leading the race of succession after President Emmanuel Macron is against immigration too. Germany is also included in this, as the number of anti-immigration law supporters is increasing daily. 

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The U.S. is still facing many immigration issues that President Biden has been unable to handle effectively. Even in his administration, not all Democrats agree with the president’s stance on immigration.

They believe strong anti-immigration laws would fix all these problems without creating more for the government. However, some argue that they need to keep the borders open, especially to asylum seekers. 

This problem is clearly a big issue that needs attention as soon as possible. Therefore, many Americans think Biden should follow Wilders’ footsteps and take a stance against immigration. This will serve the American people and reduce the burden on the country and its economy. 

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