Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Tom McClintock Calls Biden the Worst President in American History

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California Congressman Tom McClintock has torn apart US President Joe Biden. He fired what he hopes will be a deadly arrow among voters in the 2024 election.

The congressman dubbed Biden the “worst president in American history.” Speaking to GB News at a conference in London, he highlighted the “damage” done by Biden and dismantled the Democrat President’s record in office.

McClintock said, “I think he’s been one of the worst presidents in American history.” “You just see the damage he’s done to the economy, the border, the inflation rate. The fact that people, after inflation, are making less today than they were when he took office,” he added.

Biden aims to become the Democratic Party nominee for the 2024 election for a second term in office. However, the outspoken California Republican blasted Biden at a time when the incumbent is suffering in the polls. When asked what he thinks about Biden’s bid, McClintock doesn’t think people should have elected Biden.

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“There’s going to be a very powerful question asked in 2024, and it’s the same question Ronald Reagan asked,” McClintock said. “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” The Californian congressman asked. 

However, Tom McClintock answered his question by saying that voters “know the answer to that in their own lives.” “And I think that that’s going to mean that Joe Biden will not be the president after 2024,” he added.

Besides thinking that Biden should step aside from the presidential race, McClintock said he is the cause of immigration problems. When asked whether he believes Biden should be doing more to tackle migration, the congressman responded: “No, he’s the cause of the problem.”

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McClintock said before Biden entered office, Donald Trump had brought illegal immigration to a virtual standstill. The congressman also noted that Trump’s Mexico policy had stopped the phony asylum cases.

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In addition, McClintock said, Trump had nearly completed the border wall, and America was enforcing court-ordered deportations. “And it was working,” he said. “Biden reversed all of those policies the very first day in office.” Hence, the congressman condemned Biden for the influx of illegal migrants crossing the southern US border with Mexico.

Despite Congressman McClintock’s comments, National polling shows that President Biden is the clear favorite for the Democratic Party. Hence, Biden will be the party’s candidate in primaries early next year. Also, Biden is polling around 70 percent voter support with almost no competition. Like in the 2020 elections, Vice President Kamala Harris is his running mate again.

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However, polls also show that most Americans don’t want Biden to run again. Reports suggest this is because of his age and concerns raised during a recent series of gaffes and stumbles. Biden is 81 and the oldest US president-elect.

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Consequently, Republican nominee challenger Ron DeSantis took a shot at Biden’s age. DeSantis said Biden is too old to run for one of the world’s most demanding jobs.

The 2024 presidential election race is on, and if Biden is the Democratic nominee, he will likely go against Trump. Like Biden, Trump is polling far ahead of the Republican Party nominee pack, with an approximate 50-point lead.

However, Trump, at 77, is only a few years younger than Biden. Also, he has suffered a string of blunders, from federal investigations to lawsuits, in recent months.

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