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Did Donald Trump’s Lawyers Mislead a Court on Purpose?

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The whole country knows that Donald Trump and his lawyers are constantly in and out of court with cases. From before his presidential days, there was usually a case of two involving the billionaire mogul. 

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This time, he’s in the hot seat for misleading a court of Justice during trial. A D.C. Appeals Court set to make a ruling on a gag order imposed upon Trump this coming week, a former U.S. attorney claimed his lawyers have been misleading the court to block the gag order. 

The former prosecutor, Barbara McQuade, spoke to MSNBC host Katie Phang on this matter. She claims the court needs to take seriously the threats being aimed at court officials in multiple jurisdictions after Trump ranted about them in speeches and on his Truth Social platform.

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Starting the interview, host Phang prompted, “Let’s speak quickly about this Appeals Court appearance for Donald Trump. He seems to spend a lot of time in trial court. He is in appellate courts a lot. A filing was done in the New York AG civil fraud case appeal by the state by New York state. It detailed thousands of horrible, violent, antisemitic messages that were being received by the law clerk as well as Judge [Arthur] Engoron.”

“From an evidentiary perspective, does the Appeals Court take that into perspective what is going to hear oral arguments tomorrow?” she asked.

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McQuade replied, “I think so, Katie. That is because it shows that it’s not imaginative or speculative harm. These are real threats coming in every day and disrupting the court’s business, putting its employees in harm’s way.”

Furthermore, she emphasized the misleading statements by Trump’s lawyers. She said, “One of the things that the (Trump) lawyers have done, that is very misleading here, is to look at cases outside of the context of court, of opinion criminal cases. You know, prior restraints are frowned upon, of course. Anything that limits core political speech is antithetical to the 1st Amendment.”

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She also spoke further about the current state of our world and the impact of such talks on the court. In addition, she said, “That’s not the world that we are in. We are in the world of a trial. And so inside a trial to protect the parties, to protect court staff, and to protect the fair administration of justice, those rules are different. And so I hope that the court sees the light and understands the very threat on the one hand versus the restriction on the other.”

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Without a doubt, Trump’s reputation for speaking and over-sharing comes into play here. However, it may seem as though he doesn’t fully understand the impact of these talks, or he is, in fact, misleading the public for his personal gain. Regardless, the outcome of this case should bring about some justice and protection for the court and its members. 

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