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Anti-Woke Advocate Michael Voris Resigns From His Far-Right Organization

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Michael Voris founded the radical far-right “Church Militant” organization in 2006. It is an unofficial Catholic media group that has now grown beyond his control — hence his forced resignation. 

His main reason for founding the organization? To use it to address the serious erosion of the Catholic faith in the last 50 years. And to actively participate in right-wing politics. 

Voris and his organization have been at loggerheads with the US Conference of Catholic Bishops for many reasons. However, the chief amongst them is because of their stance on liberal immigration. Not only does Voris, via the organization, fiercely oppose immigration. He has also become popular over the past several years for his anti-woke beliefs. 

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He has consistently spoken out against minority groups like the LBGTQ+ and climate change. As long as he classifies the topic as “woke,” he opposes it. Voris is one of those who believe that the 2020 election was foul play. He also believes that Democrats are all communists and not actual Americans.

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Church Militant regularly criticizes Pope Francis and has given a platform to extremist voices like those of Milo Yiannopoulos. It has also echoed popular sentiments from mainstream conservatives. However, when you’re in the business of pointing fingers, you need to ensure you’re clean as well. 

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It turns out that Voris, by his own admission, has a very shady past. Everyone deserves a second chance, but Voris’s past is so dark that he was forced to resign from Church Militant. 

After his resignation, Voris issued a statement about it. However, like many right-wing leaders famous for not being accountable for their actions, he refused to say exactly what caused him to resign. Only that he needs to work on his “personal behavior.”

Voris also stated he would make no excuses for what has happened, mostly because there are no valid ones. He left it all in the past, but according to him, some “horrible events” have brought them to the fore once again. 

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He said:  “There are some very, very ugly truths from my past that I have avoided facing because I didn’t want to … There are things that I have to go away and address and work on. They are horrible, ugly things. I’m not going to share them. It’s nobody else’s business except mine.”

As the video tapered to an end, Voris shared an apology that seemed insincere at best, meant for people he thinks he may have affected negatively. He said he needed to face his demons but urged his viewers to continue supporting the organization he created. 

Many are curious about what exactly he did in the past that caused him to resign. It could be anything but one good clue was shared by him in 2016. Back then, Voris admitted that as a young man, he was involved in “live-in relationships with homosexual men” as well as multiple other sexual relationships with men and women.

All actions he now abhors as “extremely sinful.” What this will mean for his future is unknown, but many eyes will keep watching to see what he does next. 

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