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Target Sparks Yet Another Round of Criticism and Boycott Calls Over it’s “Woke” Christmas Collections 

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Another Christmas is around the corner, and preparations are already in motion for many people, but love isn’t the only thing in the air. 

A Collage of a Target Store and Some of its "Woke" Christmas Collections
Source: WasTimes/X OliLondonTV/X EndWokeness/X

Outrage spreads across America over Target’s new collection of woke Christmas items. From the look of things, the top retailer might be in for some less-than-merry and likely busier-than-ever Christmas celebration. 

Target started trouble for itself when it rolled out its Christmas range of decorative items. Notable among the items are toys of Santas representing various races, Pride Santa, Santa in wheelchairs, figurines draped in rainbow colors, same-sex couples, and Muslim families celebrating Christmas. 

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While many praise the company’s decision to be more inclusive this festive period, there has been a loud uproar over the retailer’s actions. Most of the angry crowd are conservatives who have branded the items as “woke” and “anti-christmas.” 

Equally as loud as the criticisms are the repeated calls to boycott Target. Hashtags such as #BoycottTarget and #NotMyChristmas have spread across the internet alongside angry posts from customers. “This is just another example of Target trying to shove its liberal agenda down our throats,” read one comment from an X user. 

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“I will not be shopping there. Haven’t for quite some time and certainly don’t plan to any time soon!  You would think they would have learned by Bud Lights mistake,” said another user. 

But there are also tweets in support of the company’s new direction. One such tweet read, “They should do something about those mean and aggressive Target clerks who are holding guns to the heads of those conservatives, forcing them to buy those things.” 

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Another supportive post from Facebook read, “I think it’s great that Target is making an effort to be more inclusive.” “Conservatives need to get a life of their own and stop being jealous of other people enjoying living their “woke” life. Which, by the way, is hurting nobody,” read another X post. 

Interestingly, this wouldn’t be the first time the retailer would be making it into the black book of millions of its customers. Earlier this year, its Pride Month collections drew widespread backlash and boycotts from conservatives causing its revenues to tank significantly. 

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During this period Target admitted that its comparable sales fell by 5.4% in the second quarter ending July 29th. Its ECommerce sales also dropped by 10.5% during this time. However, the company was able to survive and managed to maintain a respectable profit margin by reducing inventory costs and cutting down on discounts. 

Its ability to weather the storm earlier in the year is probably the source of the confidence behind the Christmas collection. Target has decided to double down on its inclusiveness policy, at the same time, during the right-wingers to do their worst. 

A statement from the retailer to the press stated that Target is “proud to offer a wide variety of Christmas ornaments that reflect the diversity of our customers…We believe that everyone should feel welcome and celebrated during the holidays.” 

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