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Here’s Why This TikToker Posted a Video Showing a Forehead Tattoo

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Ana Stanskovsky, the TikToker
Source: Pinterest

Polish social media influencer Ana Stanskovsky recently shocked 587,000 followers on TikTok by getting a tattoo of her boyfriend on her forehead. However, she returned online a few days later to reveal the tattoo was fake. On the surface level, this looks like a classic case of clout chasing, but that was not it. Ana had a good reason for doing this. 

In her second video, she explained that the prank was to teach people about regretting having tattoos. Over 20 million people viewed this reveal video in less than 24 hours, and it is clear that Ana successfully got the attention she sought. 

While still displaying the bold “Kevin” forehead tattoo, Ana confessed to regret having so many tattoos. She also emphasized the importance of considering the permanence of tattoos. According to her, she speaks from past experiences, expressing how much she regrets having tattoos all over her body. 

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At first sight, Ana has many tattoos around her arms, legs, stomach, and back. The influencer expressed displeasure that people noticed her tattoos first when they saw her.

While addressing her viewers, Ana wiped away the fake forehead tattoo until it disappeared. She also revealed that an expert artist did it with a temporary marker pen. 

Fully covered in tattoos, Ana expressed her obligation to actively speak and enlighten younger people about the implications of getting numerous tattoos. She also mentioned that her family and friends warned her of potential regret, but she did not listen. 

In her own words, “I remember when ten years ago, I was getting my first tattoos and my mum, my friends, were telling me all the time, ‘Ana, you will regret your tattoos,’ and I didn’t listen maybe because they didn’t have any tattoos. But if a person were covered in tattoos, saying they regret their tattoos, I would have listened.”

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Ana aims to positively influence viewers, guiding them to make thoughtful choices before deciding to get inked. As expected, there were several mixed reactions to Ana’s message. Some commenters agreed with her and shared their regrets, while others defended theirs. 

In agreement, a user wrote, “‘Sitting here with a half sleeve that I regret’ and ‘yes, we need voices like you to tell youngsters.” Another said, “I regret all my tattoos. I only have three, but I got them at 17. I’m 31 now. What was I thinking?”

On the other hand, a user added, “Not all people will regret their tattoos, each to their own.” Ana agreed with this user but also said she felt that way five years ago. Besides, her message is quite clear. Consider the permanence of tattoos; decisions made today may bring regret in the future due to their irreversible nature.

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