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These 5 Electric Vehicles Are Not Guaranteed to Work After 50,000 Miles

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There’s a growing concern about climate change and the depletion of ecosystems around the world.

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These days, several environmental activists are adding their voices to the conversation to ensure that the government and other vital stakeholders make positive changes and find effective solutions to protect our planet. This has ushered in the age of electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicles Are Considered Lasting Solutions to Environmental Problems

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are becoming a popular choice as a solution to the current environmental problems.

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They are eco-friendly and save a lot of money that would have otherwise been spent on fuel, maintenance, or replacement parts for fuel engines. Also, they offer just as much, or even more features, than regular gasoline cars. 

Some Electric Vehicles Develop Problems at 50,000 Driving Miles

However, in the world of electric vehicles, different grades and models are available on the market. Some models are more reliable and efficient, while others tend to develop issues requiring expensive repairs or breaking down.

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So, if you’re considering purchasing one or know someone interested, knowing those EVs prone to developing issues after 50,000 miles is essential.

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The Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X drew a lot of attention worldwide when it was launched. It was one of the first EVs available on a commercial scale. The Model X has an outstanding design and some futuristic features. However, it also has its fair share of issues.

The Tesla X with its Falcon doors open
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Some owners of the Tesla Model X have reported issues with the car’s unique Falcon-wing doors, suspension, and electrical system. Although Tesla has assured car owners of finding lasting solutions to these issues, you can still deal with pricey repairs when problems come up after the warranty period.

The Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf is another popular, best-selling electric vehicle on the global market. Customers choose the LEAF for its instant acceleration, lots of cargo space, and much more. However, owners have criticized the vehicle for its limited range and a battery that degrades over time.

A white Nissan Leaf
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Several owners have complained that the Nissan Leaf’s battery capacity decreases, affecting the car’s driving range. Although Nissan has tried to fix the issue in the newer models, you need to research the model you want to purchase.

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Chevrolet Bolt

The Chevrolet Bolt is a popular choice for people in the market for an affordable electric vehicle. It offers features and benefits similar to other expensive brands and models but also has its share of battery-related issues. So, if you want an EV with long-term reliability, you may want to reconsider the Chevrolet Bolt.

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Bolt owners have complained about a sudden and unexpected loss of battery power. This is both dangerous and inconvenient. However, the makers of the Bolt, General Motors, have recalled most of the cars to solve the issue.

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BMW i3

BMW is typically associated with reliability and efficiency. The BMW i3 lives up to its reputation. It offers an excellent driving experience and a unique design. However, owners have complained over the years about its expensive maintenance and limited driving range.

A gray and black BMW i3
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It has been criticized for issues with its range-extender engine and several other electrical components. No one wants to pile up maintenance costs that are almost as much as the money spent on purchasing the car, so it is reasonable to consider the BMW i3’s long-term reliability before purchasing one.

Ford Focus Electric

The Ford Focus Electric is another best-selling electric vehicle that has attracted many customers thanks to its functionality and affordability. However, before you commit to owning one of these, you should know that it has reliability issues that might make it challenging to own and use for a long time.

A car owner charging his Ford Focus
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Some owners have reported severe issues about the vehicle’s electrical systems and transmission. Just like other car makers, Ford has taken action to address the concerns, but there is no guarantee that such mechanical failures won’t occur beyond the vehicle’s warranty period.

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EVs are Great But Not Perfect

Electric vehicles are great options for tackling climate change and the environmental crisis. However, people need to understand that EVs are not perfect and have their share of issues that could be inconvenient and expensive.

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Just as world leaders and environmental activists continue the debate about the best way to tackle pollution, EV makers also need to ensure that the owners have little or nothing to worry about.

EVs are Still Worth Purchasing

Before purchasing an electric vehicle, you need to research potential issues that can affect how you use it. Some problems could cost you a fortune in repairs, while others could cause the vehicle to break down mid-way.

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This isn’t to say that all-electric vehicles are not worth using. Instead, it’s just to point out that although these vehicles have some really cool benefits, they also have a track record of developing issues after reaching 50,000 miles.

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The Newer or More Expensive an EV is, The Better

As we mentioned earlier, you could choose from different models and brands of EVs. Sometimes, the more recent or expensive the EV, the fewer issues you will likely experience.

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This is because makers of EVs have improved upon newer models to address complaints, and a higher price tag often translates to better quality

Do Your Homework Before Buying Any EV

To ensure you’re making the right purchase, read owner reviews and explore warranty coverage and other important details before you commit. Also, it’s smart to seek the opinion of other EV owners and experts to get valuable insight.

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When you do your homework correctly, you won’t make the mistake of buying an electric vehicle with more issues than you bargained for.

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