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Why Christians Think Believers Shouldn’t Vote for Trump

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As the 2024 presidential elections are approaching, several dramas are also unfolding. This is not surprising, as it happens during all election periods. However, on rare occasions, religion comes into play during peak election season, and this case is one of those occasions. 

There are several views on Donald Trump’s nomination for the presidency, and religion is now a massive consideration for voters. A religious leader, Bob Vander Plaats, planted seeds of doubt in the minds of Christians when he made a statement saying, “No actual Christian would endorse a Republican. Hate-filled evangelicals will, but they hate everything Jesus preached.” 

This perspective challenges the alignment between Christian values and Republican politics. It also ignited debate over the role of religion in shaping political affiliations. As expected, this statement from such a prominent religious figure sparked much conversation around Trump’s potential rerun. 

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A member of the public, while speaking on the effects of leadership and politics, said, “Latter-day ‘Christians’ have reduced Christianity to just another power-hungry cynical pressure group.” Therefore, this proves that some people believe that the moral priorities of religious communities are lopsided when it comes to politics. 

Some also believe that some politicians fund the lifestyle of pastors, making sure they look the other way. Another citizen said, “If you follow a pastor who is a millionaire, RUN. Money is their GOD!” 

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However, not everyone believes this religious take on Donald Trump. A Christian supporter said, “Trump 2024~MAGA, the biggest movement in American history,” reflecting the MAGA movement’s profound influence.” In agreement, another supporter said, “I think God’s endorsement outweighs a so-called Christian leader, and God has blessed Donald Trump.” 

However, it seems like the majority leans towards Vander Plaats’s side. A member of the public described Trump as the “GOP Holy Man,” emphasizing the flawed nature of his image as a four-time indicted criminal, chronic liar, and lifelong con artist. 

With these many views flying around, the role of religion in the outcome of the upcoming elections may be of significant concern. As more Christian leaders continue to air their opinions, believers are tilting to the preferred candidate of those leaders. 

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However, some people remain indifferent about the entire thing. According to them, politics and religion are separate parts of society and shouldn’t influence one another. A citizen aired his view on this, saying, “I will never vote for anyone that attempts to drag religion into politics.” 

Since primary elections are coming up, the impact of this discourse will be clear soon. Meanwhile, this has caused a much larger debate among members of the public. Some people wonder how much religion has impacted today’s political system. Another food for thought is the potential placement of political leaders in power with nothing but religious backing by leaders. 

Therefore, people urge respected religious figures to avoid politics and candidates’ declarations. According to them, this absolves the Christians of the guilt of disobeying their leaders and helps them decide their candidates. This way, elections are fairer, and more qualified representatives would be elected. 

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