Tuesday, February 20, 2024
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There Is No Saviour Anywhere: It Is up to the People to Decide Who Leads America in 2024

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Trump addressing his supporters
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Donald Trump has expressed his desire to run for president again. And he is getting support from the likes of billionaire Bernie Marcus, who thinks he’s what the country needs. 

It has been over 2,000 days since the 2016 election. It saw Trump, famously addressed as an ill-mannered, racist, narcissistic goon, elected to the highest office in the country. 

Many who don’t fancy him shudder just thinking about people voting for such a person as president. For some, it indicates that a sturdy minority of Americans plan to reverse the progress the US has collectively made.

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One blogger wrote. “I know that for the rest of my life, no matter the outcome of any election, I will never again be able to take solace that the country I served to protect will be spared from the threat of tyranny.”

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Faith in the media outlets is also at an all-time low. They’re not being trusted in politics as they search for both sides of the divide. Unknown to them, another victory for Trump could lead to losing their freedoms.

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Rather than report sensitizing things showing what the end of democracy could look like. They are simply churning out polls. Apparently, scaring people by lazily amplifying unsubstantiated numbers that point to the end of democracy pays well.

Not too long ago, The New York Times came out with another front-page poll about “Biden’s Weakness Among Young Voters.” After discussing the huge numbers, the writer promptly renders his argument baseless.

POLL — Should Donald J. Trump Be Allowed to Run for Office?

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He wrote: “There are countless reasons the polls today may not ultimately align with the final result.” Many people know by now that nobody can save America except the people themselves. 

The Justice Department is getting a lot of backlash for not meeting Trump’s coup attempt with a swift and resounding response, ensuring that it could never reoccur. But there’s only so much they can do against Trump. 

Attorney General Garland made no move for over a year; for some, it was like the last dying breath of democracy. Trump continues to rampage these days, swamped as he is with lawsuits accusing him of all manner of crimes. 

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Senior Senator Lindsey Graham believes that nominating Trump again will destroy the people and “we will deserve it.”

It is because of men like Graham that many people are holding out hope Democrats will be able to preserve democracy again in 2024.

It has been more than 2000 days since the United States of America split in two, but the truth is that nobody is coming to save us. The work that needs doing requires people coming together because there is no messiah anywhere. 

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