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GOP Candidate Unleashes Wrath on New York City that Refused Him a Seat

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Many New Yorkers have taken to social media to tell off Brian Robinson, a Republican who was unsuccessful in his campaign to represent the 4th City Council district of New York City. 

Brian Robinson During a Live Interview
Source: @FLWillRegret22/X 

After losing the polls to incumbent Keith Powers, Robinson went on ‘X’ to voice his displeasure with the voters that denied him access to the said candidacy.

A Bitter-Sweet Message

Robinson’s intention was to concede defeat to his opponent via social media. However, the post went one step too far by calling out New Yorkers for not voting him in. 

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A ‘X’ user responds to Robinson’s post
Source: Brian Robinson/X

In his concessional tweet, Robinson mentioned something to the effect of the 4th City Council of New York City being irredeemable. That statement was probably indicative of how much more he had to offer relative to his democrat opponent.

Why Leave a Juicy Finance Career for Stewardship?  

Robinson is a 40-year-old former Democrat, now Republican moderate, and a father of two. The just completed election for councilor would be his first go at politics. 

Robinson holding a champagne glass
Source: Brian Robinson/X

Robinson was a full-time finance service provider, first with Morgan Stanley and next with his own business, which he started in 2009. Robinson cited the downward trend in NYC’s general quality of life as his reason for going into politics. 

The Goal of a Secure 4th District

Reading Robinson’s response to a questionnaire generated by Patch, it is easy to see his concerns for NYC.

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Map of NYC 4th District
Source: OpenStreetMap/Wikimedia

In all his responses, it is evident that Robinson has a very high confidence in his ability to make all the woes of the 4th District Council disappear. For one, Robinson feels insecurity is one of the burning challenges of NYC. 

Wear a Glistering Armour and Throw Some Mud  

Robinson believes that Powers does not have the best interest of his constituent at heart, courtesy of some decisions made during the just concluded term. 

Powers on the street of NYC
Source: Gerri Hernandez/

Powers voted in favor of a bill that reduced the NYPD budget. Likewise, he is reported to have floated a bill restricting landlords from running a criminal check on a prospective buyer or tenant. 

Robinson Campaigns for the Fortification of NYC  

Robinson also feels that revoking the sanctuary status of the Districts would discourage migrants from seeking asylum in NYC. 

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Poster indicating support of asylum seekers

But, obviously, Powers, Mayor Adams, and other council members see things differently. The Mayor and majority of the council members are in support of the sanctuary status of NYC and are in support of streamlining security votes.

Blueprints for Making NYC Great Again  

Despite all the faults that Robinson found in Powers’ previous term, constituents still went all out to vote him in once again. 

Arrow pointing to polling place
Source: Eden, Janine and Jim/Flickr

So, Robinson’s outburst on ‘X’ is quite understandable. One, he is a first-time contestant. Second, he sees all the problems of the District quite clearly from outside the arena. Who knows if Powers felt precisely the same way before becoming a councilman? 

New Yorkers’ Favour Experience  

This win would make Powers the third-time councilor of the 4th District. This time, he will represent the Upper East Side, Stuyvesant Town, Midtown East, and Peter Cooper Village.

Powers in the company of other NYC council members
Source: City Council Member Keith Powers/Facebook

Exploit Your Opponent’s Bad PR  

Probably using a bit of tactics from the business world, Robinson adopted a dose of sentiment during his campaign. For example, he labeled Powers as an antisemitist and a supporter of the Hamas attack against Israel.

Two Jewish men and some kids walking through Brooklyn
Source: Anna Adria/Wikipedia

In a similar light, Powers tried to amplify the discrimination of Jews in the New York City area. However, constituents were obviously unfazed. 

Robinson’s Doomsday Prophecy  

Robinson also has Jewish roots. He mentioned in the ‘X’ post that earned him a backlash from New Yorkers, that Jews and other minorities are doomed under Powers’ councilorship. 

Robinson’s ‘X’ post
Source: Brian Robinson/X

Robinson went as far as suggesting that he and his family would be leaving NYC, seeing the city’s future as bleak. 

Standing Firmly Behind Your Vote  

Unfortunately, New Yorkers on ‘X’ were not very apaologetic to Robinson’s cries of Armageddon. In fact, some ‘X’ users inferred that he would not be missed a bit if he made good on his threat to leave.

Response to Robinson’s ‘X’ post
Source: Brian Robinson/X

The margin of the loss is the probable pain point. Powers won the councilor seat with 73 percent of the votes, while Robinson got just 26 percent.

What Does the Future Hold?  

Brian Robinson’s ‘X’ post probably came at the spur of the moment, the businessman turned politician is probably having a rethink of the content.

User calling out Robinson’s use of vulgar language
Source: JustFonz_/X

It is perfectly okay to call out your candidate, but questioning the constituents’ intelligence is a stride too long. Also, his negative review of native New Yorkers’s choice might make his future political adventures turn out dead on arrival.

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