Friday, June 14, 2024
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12 Camping Hacks Every Camper Must Have Under Their Belt

12 Camping Hacks Every Camper Must Have Under Their Belt

12 Camping Hacks Every Camper Must Have Under Their Belt

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Are you thinking of going camping soon? Here are 12 need-to-know tips and tricks that would not only make your camping experience better but more fun too

Start Your Fire with Doritos

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Yes, you read that right! Not only are Doritos a great snack option, but they can also keep you warm while camping. If you need some kindling for your fire, just throw some chips at the base. 

They catch fire easily thanks to the oils in them, so they are great for starting fires. Don’t have Doritos? Use Fritos or any other corn-based chip to start your fire.

Burn Sage To Keep Mosquitos Away

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Burning sage smells amazing, but did you know it can help keep mosquitos and other bugs away? Enjoy your camping trip by burning some sage leaves, which act as a natural repellent to bugs. 

In addition, take bug spray with you just to make sure you’re covered on all bases. You can also use sage in the form of essential oils by dabbing them on clothing or around your sleeping area.

Use Compact Cooking Sets

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This tip is a no-brainer! As a camper, you need so many things, and it can be difficult to fit everything into one backpack. Therefore, maximizing your space is very important. 

Use compact cooking sets which are stackable, so you have all your items in one place. It’ll also create space for other things you need to take along with you.

Foam Tiles on Your Tent Floor Will Give You Perfect Sleep!

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Camping on natural grounds is great, but the feeling of sleeping on such a hard surface isn’t. Therefore, a good truck is to use foam tiles on the ground before adding your bed. 

The tiles are detachable and easy to carry, making them camp-effective as well. Try this, and you may be surprised about how this little change can increase your sleeping comfort significantly.

Turn Your Headlamp Into A Lantern

Source: Hacksdetective

More often than not, you would need a good lantern while camping into the night. However, lanterns can be quite bulky, occupying too much space. 

For this trick, fill a plastic jug with water (ideally a gallon). Then, stretch the head strap of your headlamp around the bottle. Turn the light inwards, and it will reflect the water and plastic, illuminating your space.

Use Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap

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Camping in the great outdoors comes with guaranteed dirt. However, it can be annoying to pack soap for all purposes as you’re trying to conserve space. 

The perfect solution is to have an “all in one” soap, such as Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap, to help with all cleaning needs. Pack one bottle of this, and you’ve got body wash, shampoo, face wash, dish soap, and more!

Use Tic-Tac Packages To Hold Spices

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Again, maximizing space is a top priority while camping. Therefore, you can’t possibly carry all the spices you need with their huge containers. 

A trick for this is to use empty Tic-Tac boxes as travel containers for your spices. They are small, compact, and would barely take up space even if you pack ten different spices. Your tastebuds will be grateful!

Never Lose Your Keys Again

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Most campers end up losing a key or two during their camping trips. However, what if there was a cool way to prevent this from happening? 

All you need is a cork. String your keys to a cork to ensure it sinks immediately if it drops while you’re in a body of water. You can also paint it a bright color so you spot it easily if you lose it on land.

Make Clothes Pins Out of Bread Tags

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For those who would be spending a longer duration camping, you might need to do some laundry as time goes by. However, keeping your clothes on a line shout breeze pushing them into the dirty ground can be a hassle. 

The trick for this is simple. Bring multiple bread tags along with you to hang your clothes safely on a line.

Use Solar Light Stakes To See At Night

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If you are the type to get up at night, solar light stakes are the perfect hack for you. Plant them around your tent, camping area, or in the path to the bathroom. 

This way, your path is already illuminated whenever you get up in the middle of the night or early in the morning. The best part? They charge with solar power, so you don’t have to worry about batteries running out!

Keeping Your Sleeping Bag Warm and Cozy

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Depending on the area you’re camping, you may need something to keep you warm during the night. Lighting a fire may be dangerous, or it can go out during the night. 

Therefore, a simple hack can help you with this. Boil some water and keep it in some bottles. About half an hour before your bedtime, keep them in your sleeping bag. When you do go to bed, your bag will have enough heat to keep you warm throughout the night.

Make The Most Out Of Your Music

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Camping goes well with some music to help you pass the time. However, speakers are usually heavy and occupy a lot of space. 

For this hack, all you need is a solo cup. Put your phone with the volume at its peak into the cup with its speaker facing inwards. Boom! You have your own speaker blasting your favorite bops.