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How To Book Cheap Summer Flights In 2022

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Looking for cheap flights this summer? Here is everything you need to know about cheap flights and how to book them this summer.

For seasoned travelers, summer represents the best time to travel. It not only offers bright warm weather that is perfect for the ideal outdoor relaxation and sunbathing spree, but also a host of other side attractions.

Most families pick this time of the year to vacation in remarkable destinations, especially during the summer break. In fact, summer holds boundless opportunities waiting for families, tourists, couples and friend groups to tap into.

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Oftentimes, financial limitations are the only obstacle standing between an individual and their dream vacation. From the cost of flight tickets to lodging expenses, these travel necessities seem to undergo a price hike this summer.

A woman standing in an airport with suit case | Image: Pinterest
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The reason for this is not far-fetched given the influx of people hoping for a memorable summer experience. This increased demand over supply, coupled with the inflation soaring through many economies around the globe are culprits.

Luckily, potential travelers can work around one or the other, with the right resources. Embarking on that summer getaway can be hassle-free and cost-efficient once you figure out how to book cheap summer flights in 2022 and reach your destination without breaking the bank.

Why Are Flights Costlier Now?

Several reasons are responsible for the high cost of travel in recent times, with rising fuel costs topping the list.

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Other factors contributing to making flights costlier now include the weakening US dollar and travel restrictions in most states. Additionally, owing to the global coronavirus outbreak which hit the world in 2020, many have spent the last two summers observing safety protocols.

Hence, summer 2022 avails them a chance to observe their first real summer vacation since the pandemic, which is a much-needed break.

The growing need for people to embark on summer trips resulting in last-minute flight bookings are also major role-players in the price hike. These tips can help you get started if looking to score an affordable vacation and minimize travel expenses.

Travelers waiting at an airport | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

When Is The Cheapest Summer Month To Fly?

According to records on Google Flights, August remains the cheapest summer month to fly for a variety of factors. One such factor is that during this period, cheaper fall fares begin to overtake travel agencies, especially during the last quarter of the month.

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Again, the prices of such flights are highly dependent on the destination in question and the day of the week. Travelers find that booking flights on weekdays tend to be cheaper than those booked on weekends.

The number of people hoping to visit the region at a particular time and seasonal changes also influence the travel cost. 

How Can I Get Cheap Flights Now?

If you are trying to figure out how to get cheap flights now, the first step involves carrying out some research on travel websites. This could help you discover some of the cheapest options available, as well as unconventional deals.

An airborne flight | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

A quick run through the numerous travel tools like Google Flights and Skyscanner would do wonders. This could reveal best deals to specific regions at a particular period.

Additionally, while a one-round trip could seem like a convenient option, it is not always the cheapest. Sparing a few minutes to check out the prices of two one-way flights to and from your travel destination might reveal unbelievably cheaper options.

It also helps to explore alternative destinations given how much the price of flight travel keeps skyrocketing in popular destinations like Costa Rica, Paris and the Maldives.

Cheap Places To Fly This Summer

As the cost of embarking on vacations to popular summer travel spots keeps skyrocketing, many have been forced to abort their planned trips. However, experts suggest a way around these crippling prices is to opt for lesser-known destinations.

A tourist on vacation in Greece | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Due to their lack of popularity, the number of tourists hitting those spots would be lower. This erases the incidence of price inflation resulting from demand and supply anomalies, hence helping one book cheap summer flights.

Some summer vacation hotspots that fit this category include Peru, Montreals, Belize, Greece, Portugal and Guadalajara. Many tourists swear by these locations, even comparing their experiences with the thrill of visiting Costa Rica, Paris, Maldives, Turks and Caicos and Tuscany.

What Airline Is Cheapest To Fly?

Southwest, Spirit, Frontier and Allegiant are some of the budget-friendly airlines available this summer. It is a good idea to explore newly launched airlines as well, as these tend to offer cheaper deals as a means of attracting more customers.

Oftentimes, these low-cost airlines influence the price fluctuation of air travel due to the tight competition they create.

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Image: Pinterest

Notwithstanding, it is a great idea to follow the price trends at any given time, and make decisions based on that. A trusted tip for effectively scoring cheap flights is to explore your options earlier to enable you to book at less competitive prices.

Do Summer Flights Go On Sale?

Summer flights could be found on sale at any time of the year. It is a no-brainer that flights booked about one month before a planned trip would be cheaper than a flight booked at the last minute. 

However, many travel agencies or airlines deviate from this norm, by offering last-minute sales discounting unsold seats. That way, last-minute travelers can book summer flights at cheap rates.

Notably, such incidents are rare in the summer, as flight tickets tend to sell out fast during this period. Hence, airlines deal mostly with overbooking than underbooking, especially flights heading to popular summer destinations.

This does not entirely rule out the possibility of stumbling upon unsold inventories offered at reduced prices during the summer. Travelers hoping for such discount sales should note that buying tickets at the last minute is a huge gamble, and therefore require a backup plan.

How to book cheap flights in 2022 | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Experts suggest that airlines offer the best deals on summer flights about 3 and a half months before the departure date, making the window period a good time to hunt for sales and discounts.

By following these travel tips, you can guarantee yourself and your loved ones the best summer vacation in 2022. From how you can book cheap summer flights to choosing the most affordable locations with great lodging options, this guide has you covered.

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