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Want To Travel Smart? These Are 10 Travel Hacks That’ll Make Your Life Easier

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Taking a voyage to the ends of the earth is always more fun during the planning phase and the actual execution. Between these, however, lies the daunting task of preparation, which involves exploring various travel hacks, and making several difficult choices that could be the difference between a fun trip and a disastrous rendezvous.

Getting ready for that amazing adventure that took several months or even years to plan, and suddenly it doesn’t seem like a good idea anymore? Don’t sweat it! You are not alone on this boat.

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Image: Unsplash

For many, the last moments before embarking on a trip is usually the most difficult. Having thought out everything through for months and realizing at the last minute that the flattering overcoat would not fit into the suitcase after all. Making these last-minute realizations, and having to decide what to do on the spot can ruin the months-long fantasy.

That, however, should not be a problem as vacations are meant to be stress relievers, not otherwise. To save yourself those stress-inducing moments, these are ten travel hacks that are guaranteed to get you out of the most awkward situations, anytime. Save the thanks for later.


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This seems like an obvious step, yet easy to overlook. Neglecting to leave a pen handy while traveling can cost a lot, both time and opportunity wise. And no! Technology can’t always fix everything, so forget that notepad on your smartphone and slip a pen into your pocket. You’d be glad you did.

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No matter the temperature outside, having a sweater in the carry-on luggage, or simply wrapped around the waist or shoulder can be a life-saver. For the most part, no one knows what to expect in the vacation location. So it’s safer to be one step ahead of the weather forecast, at least.

Plus, there’s the chilling air-conditioning in the airplane, hotel receptions, or cabin. It makes no sense freezing out before the fun begins.


A traveler with multiple bags | Image: Unsplash
Image: Unsplash

More often than not, a lot of people misplace their luggage on airlines. This usually leaves one stranded, with no clothes or toiletries on hand upon their arrival at the destination. 

To avoid being stranded in such situations, it is a good idea to separate the luggage into two portions, leaving the emergency/makeshift part in the carry-on bag. That way, even if it takes days or weeks to reclaim your luggage, the planned vacay would still be on track.

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Sticking to the good old folding of clothing items takes more room than necessary. This, in turn, incurs extra luggage charges at the airport. 

To save costs, it is necessary to come up with creative means of stacking clothes into the suitcase. Maximizing the limited space available is key.

Using compression bags to pack bulky items like overcoats and blankets can help create more room in the suitcase. Plastic compression bags have one-way pressure valves that let out air, leaving the packed item lying flat. 

Another option is rolling up clothing instead of folding them. That also saves a lot of space, of course, at the expense of the perfectly-ironed finish.


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It is unrealistic to assume every destination would have a power supply. Even if they do, getting access to a pressing iron to run over those wrinkles on clothing after disembarking may prove daunting. And yes, all that folding would definitely leave your clothes with unbearable crease-lines.

The best bet in such situations would be to pack only wrinkle-resistant fabrics. However, that can prove tasking and may limit your creative potential, fashion-wise. Therefore, taking along a spray-on de-wrinkler, or buying one at a store after touch-down can help leave you looking chic.


Image: Unsplash

It is a good practice to wear the bulkier, space-occupying outfits when going on a trip to save the extra luggage space. So next time the zipper keeps failing because of the extra load, and the only available option seems like parting with that beloved furry coat, wear it on instead. The awkward looks before boarding the flight is as bad as it gets.


Have some mad cash | Image: Unsplash
Image: Unsplash

Ever imagined a situation where the wallet mistakenly slips from your pocket, or probably, got left behind in the car or at the hotel? It is called mad money for a reason! 

Having an emergency 10 dollar or 100 dollar bill stuck away somewhere can be helpful. Not only does it save the day in case one gets mugged, but it also makes for a good backup plan when the budget gets exceeded. Say no to getting stranded at the restaurant or the bus station. Yikes!


A local market | Image: Unsplash
Image: Unsplash

One important thing to note when taking a trip is this; As a tourist, you are a potential goldmine to both local and international businesses in the destination.

It is common knowledge that tourists are ever willing to spend on anything that appeals to them even slightly in the new locality. So before you drop the next buck on that historic-looking stone at the mall, be sure to check out the local flea markets first and compare the prices. 

Bonus is, the local market offers the real thing, or even better, at a less-draining cost. In contrast, the prices seen online or in the fancy stores are international prices specifically targeted at visitors.


Image: Unsplash

This little trip can be the perfect opportunity to explore everything you’ve always wanted to do. Be it skydiving, mountaineering, or hanging out with strangers. It doesn’t hurt to throw caution to the wind once in a while.

Making the little memories while at it is worth every dime spent on the trip. So go for it!


Image: Unsplash

There is that uncertainty that comes with visiting a location for the first time. One never knows what to expect. So while researching where to stay during the trip, make a list of at least three possible options for accommodation. 

In a situation where the pre-booked hotel room ends up booked-out upon your arrival, rather than be at a loss of what to do next, explore the alternatives.

Putting all these steps and helpful travel hacks into practice would make the vacation everything you imagined, and more.

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