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Joke: A Man Named His Sister’s Twins

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A man showed up at the hospital shortly after his sister gave birth to two children, a boy, and a girl. Hoping to be helpful as a next of kin, the man named his sister’s twins, which proved to be an unwelcome move.

The joy of motherhood knows no bounds, and welcoming twins only doubles the boundless joy. Getting to name the kids is an important aspect of the celebration, and every expectant parent looks forward to that moment. 

The Joy of motherhood knows no bounds| Image: Unsplash
Image: Unsplash

But what happens when the moment is not only stolen away, but also becomes a permanent dent on the newborns, and inadvertently, the family?

A new mother whose not-so-smart brother got to name her kids while she lay worn out from anesthesia would best answer that.

- Inline 1-

The woman encountered difficult labor, requiring doctors to place her under anesthesia before continuing the delivery process. She successfully gave birth to two children, a boy, and a girl. 

Weak from the drugs, the woman remained unconscious for several hours. Before she came around, the new mom’s brother, listed as her next of kin, arrived at the hospital to check on his sister.

Doctors implored the visitor to name the children to facilitate easy differentiation, and the gentleman obliged.

Doctors implored the visitor to name the children| Image: Unsplash
Image: Unsplash

Finally, the effects of the drugs wore off. Upon waking up, the woman excitedly prompted the hospital staff to fill her in on the condition of her babies. The doctors informed her that she gave birth to twins, confirming their genders. They went on to tell her the kids were alright and their uncle even dropped by to name them.

- Inline 2-

At this, the woman sat upright, fidgeting a little as she thought:

“Oh, no! Not my brother, he is an idiot!”

The frantic mom braced herself for the worst as she spoke up, asking the doctor to reveal the children’s names. She asked about her daughter’s first, to which the doctor replied:


- Inline 3 -

Her worst fears eased up a little upon hearing the name. With a smile of satisfaction, she thought to herself:

“Wow, that’s not a bad name! Guess I was wrong about my brother. I like Denise!”

Guess I was wrong about my brother | Image: Unsplash
Image: Unsplash

Curious, she requested for the boy’s name, and received the shocker of a lifetime as the doctor replied:


The realization hit her like a million ice cubes as she stared into thin air with her mouth agape.


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