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Fox News Refuses To Retract Hunter Biden Report Despite Pressure From White House

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Following the indictment of former FBI informant Alexander Smirnov, the White House has called out Fox News. In a statement, it demanded that Fox News retract its reports on the false bribery scandal. For context, Smirnov worked with the FBI as an informant, feeding the FBI with false information about the Bidens.

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However, the FBI has indicted Smirnov for lying about Hunter Biden and President Joe Biden. Smirnov alleged that the father-son duo participated in a bribery scheme with a Ukrainian company. Due to Smirnov’s allegations, Republicans launched attacks on the president.

Furthermore, they launched an impeachment investigation against President Biden, which faced stiff resistance from Democrats. Fox News, known for being a conservative outlet, covered the scandal, frequently reporting on Hunter Biden and his father’s alleged involvement in the scandal.

After the FBI indicted Smirnov for lying against President Bideb and his son, the White House demanded that the outlet retract its coverage of the bribery allegations. However, Fox News had stood by its coverage of the scandal.

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In a statement, the White House argued that since the FBI has indicted the man who made the false allegations, Fox News should make amends. White House spokesperson Ian Sams wrote that the outlet, which is famous for reporting Republican propaganda, should take responsibility for its coverage of the bribery allegations.

Furthermore, Sams name-dropped Sean Hannity and Jesse Watters, the outlet’s TV hosts, saying they promoted the allegation on TV. The White House spokesperson also accused the TV hosts of making false statements about President Biden.

Sams also pointed out that despite the fake informant’s indictment, Fox News has taken no steps to retract the allegations. Sams also recommended that the conservative outlet update all the articles relating to the bribery allegations.

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In addition, the White House Spokesperson noted that Fox News Digital should add editor’s notes to the articles. Sams also requested Hannity and Watters retract their statements when they go on air. He urged them to tell viewers they had been sharing a discredited story whose source was indicted for making it up.

However, Fox News has vehemently defended its coverage of the bribery allegations against President Biden and his son. The outlet maintained that it reported on the claims and covered all developments, including the former FBI informant’s indictment.

A Fox News spokesperson noted that the outlet has reported on “all key developments” in the case, even after the FBI charged Smirnov with lying. The representative claimed that Fox News Digital featured the story “prominently.” Consequently, the spokesperson hinted that the outlet would not retract its reporting.

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The spokesperson noted that the outlet will continue to report on developments in the case, including the trials. As stated earlier, Smirnov accused Hunter Biden and President Joe Biden of accepting money from a Ukrainian energy company. 

The accusations, which came at a time when Republicans are seeking to reclaim the White House, fueled an impeachment hearing against the president. The accusations also cast a shadow on his reelection bid, as the bribery allegations worried voters.

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