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Jodie Turner-Smith Says Her Divorce From Joshua Jackson Inspired Her Met Gala Look

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A picture of Jodie Turner-Smith
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The 2024 Met Gala saw different celebrities grace the occasion. Jodie Smith looked stunning in her outfit. However, in a recent Instagram post, Jodie revealed that the concept for the style came from her painful divorce from her spouse, Joshua Jackson, in 2023. 

According to Jodie, the event was a notable experience for her as it was her first time venturing out by herself. She said this in a statement with pictures of herself in her stunning outfit from the event.

Upon reading the brief tale that inspired the topic, I was struck by the urge to capture both the fragility and strength of creation. She went on to say that dying is, in nature, both a completion and a rebirth. A new life will bloom freely when withered branches are chopped off.

This year’s event subject was (The Garden of Time), which drew motivation from the same-titled 1962 short tale by English writer J.G. Ballard as well as the spring show Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion) at the renowned Art Museum Institution. 

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Jodie mentioned that it’s been over 4 years since she separated from her spouse, and this year’s event was her first time coming without him. Integrating the garment by (DanielLee) made for me, decorated with English petals, was purposely made in the form of wedding apparel, the woman wrote in her post.

The color white represents newness, a new beginning, a renewed dedication to the connection that matters most to me and the foundation for all others is self love and adoration. She added I can only adore and respect my child and educate her to do likewise by learning how to treat myself well. 

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After marrying in 2019, Jodie and Jackson welcomed their daughter, Diana Jackson, in April 2020. After their separation, Jackson moved on to date Lupita Nyong’o, another movie personality. In her post, she wrote about how she was open to change and evolving into her new self. 

A new version of herself, ready for love, unafraid, and preparing herself for what is to come. She uploaded a couple of images showing her outfit, consisting of views of her attire from various viewpoints on the carpet, with the words.

Jodie’s accessories, with her hair and a flower she was holding in her palm and a Chopard cross necklace, were displayed in the pictures. From behind the scenes she posted images of herself with her team preparing for the event and playful moment and a banquet at the Museum.

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After four years of the union, Jodie separated from her spouse in October 2023. 4 months after the union’s dissolution, she spoke openly about it in a conversation with the British Times, expressing that she was looking forward to the separation.

She added that, often the situation may become awkward and not go as planned or expected, but in all, it is important to settle for what’s best for everyone involved, family, yourself, and the kids. It was a memorable time shared, and now a new exciting horizon is open for us to explore.

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