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Court Sentences Daycare Provider to Over Seven Years in Prison for Assaulting Six Months Old

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In a stroke of justice, a daycare provider has been sentenced to prison. The Minnesota defendant was on trial for assaulting a child who was placed under her care. The assault resulted in severe bodily injury for the child placed under her care.

In October 2023, Michelle Holte, a daycare provider, was arrested in connection with an assault allegation involving a six-month-old child placed under her supervision. The incident happened in Hoyle’s daycare in Champlain, Minnesota. The incident started after the parents of the child came to pick up their son on a fateful day. 

When they picked him up, they initially noticed that his eyes were not in their regular position as they shifted to the left. They were further alarmed when during the ride, his eyes remained closed. Consequently, they reported the incident to the police, who began investigating the incident.

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According to the police report, upon their arrival at home, they realized that the baby could not move his head properly. After they took the baby out of the car, they noticed his eyes were still the same as before, only this time it seemed like they were bouncing. 

The police report further stated that the baby’s hands and legs were unusually flexible and felt out of place. Subsequently, the baby was taken to a hospital for a proper medical examination. Upon arrival at the hospital, the baby was discovered to have suffered a blood suffusion. A blood suffusion, more commonly known as hematoma, is bleeding outside the blood vessels as a result of disease or trauma.

Upon diagnosis, he was placed in a medically induced coma before an emergency operation was performed on him. The operation was done to reduce brain swelling by removing so part of his skull.

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According to the report, Lisa Sapp, the mother of the victim, initially queried Holte as to what caused the injury. Holte claimed that another child had accidentally dropped him, a claim she reasserted during the initial interrogation. However, the doctors claimed that the explanation did not match the injuries.

In a bid to figure out what happened, the police interviewed the child who was accused of dropping him. The child making use of a doll proved to them that it was Holte who dropped the baby, leading to her being detained. 

Following her arrest, Holte confessed to the police that she had thrown him. She described that she had put down a harder-than-typical method. 

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Holte told the police that she saw the victim’s eyes were slanted and that he wasn’t focused when she picked him up.  She said that she had been a childcare worker for a long time and had grown tired and stressed, which led to her behavior. 

On Friday, May 24, 2024, Hoyle received a seven-year prison sentence for first-degree assault causing serious bodily harm, after pleading guilty. Sapp said this is every parent’s greatest fear and has been the absolute worst seven months of their lives.

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